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Democrats Won’t Vote For Any Gun Bills, But They Sure Like To Grandstand

The Democrats wouldn’t vote for any of four separate measures proposed in the Senate this summer related to gun control, but that didn’t stop them from holding a sit-in in the halls of Congress to grandstand about the issue.

Now they’re at it again. Representative John Lewis (D-Georgia) took to the House floor today to renew his call for a vote on gun bills addressing background checks and the no-fly list.

Congressman John Lewis Addresses House on Gun Control

“Time and time again,” said Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia), “we ask for compassion, time and time again we ask for action.” Well, your time to act came, four times this summer, and each time your party failed to act. So you might want to direct your impassioned pleas at Harry Reid, not Speaker Ryan. Read the rest of this entry »

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Reminder: Gary Johnson, Romney, McCain, and W. Supporters Are Also Racist

Just a reminder, in case you’re suffering from political amnesia (and I know many are), anyone who’s ever supported a Republican presidential candidate is a racist. Hillary Clinton reminded us of this today.

Who can deny it?

Romney supporters were such racists and sexists that MoveOn was forced to draw up a petition for Mitt Romney himself to denounce them! Gary Johnson supporters are, as in presently, “mostly white men who lean toward being fairly racist.” This is according to Bernie Sanders’ former digital director.

Ticking back, of course there was always that looming threat of “an enormous wellspring of hidden racist sentiment” for John McCain that might rear its ugly head at the ballot box.

And, though he did better than most other GOP candidates with minorities, particularly Hispanic voters, President George W. Bush, too, was a racist. After all, he spoke at that racist Bob Jones University in 2000.

Let me tell you something, it’s even borderline unacceptable to mention anyone but a white person’s ethnicity these days, let alone make a joke about it or eat food in public originating from their culture. So I don’t get too bent out of shape when I’m painted as a white nationalist racist by Hillary Clinton. It’s a flawed tactic, and we’re not phased by it anymore.

Never forget, you’re all a bunch of racist white nationalists, and there’s no hope for your redemption!

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Remembering Those Who Fought to Keep Us Free

PHOTO ALBUM – Arlington National Cemetery gravesites and memorials. Remembering those who fought and many who gave their lives in defense of freedom, and in protecting the United States.

Happy Independence Day! Last weekend I had the privilege of visiting Arlington, Virginia and walking through the National Cemetery. I’ve seen many pictures before, but never realized the sheer scope and magnitude of it until I walked for miles only to explore a small part of the grounds. It truly delivers the honor that is due our military servicemembers.

Let us always remember the sacrifices of those who fought for our Republic, and may she live long. Enjoy this slideshow of the Cemetery and a little bit of history with some of the images.

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Some Thoughts on the Heroism of Gay People

This has been a challenging year. I mean, hasn’t it? No matter which way you look at it, whether you’re into politics or you’re still aching over Copa America Centenario, or just trying to live your daily life, 2016 is a year full of challenges.

For me, my thinking has been challenged in a number of ways. I’ve had to look at presidential politics in new ways. I’ve had to change how I look at my job, in fact even re-apply for it because the position itself was replaced! And presently I am challenged (yet again) with choosing how to view terrorism and crime in this country. But while that’s all going on, maybe there’s another way your thinking and mine could be challenged, too.

Have you ever subscribed to the stereotype that gay men are effeminate, “mamby pamby” sorts that run around flailing their arms and talking with a lisp? A lot of people do – that’s why there’s the stereotype! Whether it’s comedy from Mel Brooks or a derisive remark made by someone who dislikes gays, we’ve all been exposed to this overly broad depiction. The one that makes gay people look weak and dependent.

Let me propose to you that may not be a remotely accurate description at all.

Every victim or eyewitness I have seen give an interview on television since this horrific shooting in Orlando has relayed an account of bravery and heroism. We’re talking about people who would run for their lives choosing instead to stay behind to carry bodies out of the nightclub. I saw a man on Sunday morning interviewed while standing in a concourse where hundreds of Floridians waited to give blood. He was there looking for his friend, if he were alive, whom he had not seen since escaping the club some hours before.

Shooting survivor of Orlando Pulse terrorist attack goes On The Record

In another interview I saw today on FOX, a young man had earlier learned his partner was killed when they were separated the night of the shooting. He sat there and calmly gave his recollection of events, and went on to describe how they met, and their three years together. When asked how he could bear to talk about this, he replied, “The thing is that, if I don’t get the story out there, who’s going to do it?”

I applaud that.

Maybe it is because of the many battles gay people face, from rejecting insults to ignoring prejudices, to even struggling with families for acceptance and continued emotional support, that you see such boldness in the face of danger. And maybe we should all consider that the next time we’re tempted to label a certain group of Americans or followers of a religion as all the same way.

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Conjecture: This is When Bernie Supporters Turn to Trump

Have you heard? Hillary Clinton is reported to have more or less clinched the Democratic nomination. I think this is the moment when you start to see the Bernie Sanders supporters who are going to start to switch to supporting Trump. They won’t go to him exclusively, some will go Green, and others believe it or not are libertarian.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of people who simply do not like Hillary Rodham Clinton, and will not vote for her under any circumstances. How will that affect the polling in days to come? We will soon see. Personally, I would *like* to witness an increase in the Libertarian Party’s share to >15%, which has always been a dream of mine since I was a young, pre-teen would-be political activist.

Although, I should add for the record – I have been and remain a registered GOP voter since I became eligible, and have never voted for a Libertarian candidate. But I want more than two voices to be heard in this country’s political discourse.

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Conjecture: Trump is Positioned To Rival Clinton on Women’s Issues

Conjecture: By calling Hillary Clinton on ‘the woman card’ (appropriately, by the way), Trump has paved the way for attacking her on women’s issues this fall. He’s already brought it up, and she’s responded, which breaks the topic wide open for future discussion. The media has already begun discussing it, and surely we will here more when the debates start.

And with a new Reuters/Ipsos poll out this morning, Trump is within a point of Mrs. Clinton, showing he is starting to stand on more solid ground to make such attacks.

He’s also set the path for dodging questions that don’t fit his narrative. The story will be about *him* not whatever the media wants it to be – MSM or otherwise. This is one thing I keep noticing many writers and personalities who are in the Beltway seem to miss. Republicans and conservatives (including ones who were previously running for President this year) constantly get themselves in trouble during interviews because they fall into the story line presented to them. The Donald makes the story.

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