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Reminder: Gary Johnson, Romney, McCain, and W. Supporters Are Also Racist

Just a reminder, in case you’re suffering from political amnesia (and I know many are), anyone who’s ever supported a Republican presidential candidate is a racist. Hillary Clinton reminded us of this today.

Who can deny it?

Romney supporters were such racists and sexists that MoveOn was forced to draw up a petition for Mitt Romney himself to denounce them! Gary Johnson supporters are, as in presently, “mostly white men who lean toward being fairly racist.” This is according to Bernie Sanders’ former digital director.

Ticking back, of course there was always that looming threat of “an enormous wellspring of hidden racist sentiment” for John McCain that might rear its ugly head at the ballot box.

And, though he did better than most other GOP candidates with minorities, particularly Hispanic voters, President George W. Bush, too, was a racist. After all, he spoke at that racist Bob Jones University in 2000.

Let me tell you something, it’s even borderline unacceptable to mention anyone but a white person’s ethnicity these days, let alone make a joke about it or eat food in public originating from their culture. So I don’t get too bent out of shape when I’m painted as a white nationalist racist by Hillary Clinton. It’s a flawed tactic, and we’re not phased by it anymore.

Never forget, you’re all a bunch of racist white nationalists, and there’s no hope for your redemption!

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Voters Decide Tuesday On New Fee for a Forward-Thinking City

NORMAN, Oklahoma – Voters in Norman will decide this Tuesday, August 23 whether to implement a new fee based on how much outdoor area is covered by anything that would block water absorption.

Like much of the metro area in recent days, the City of Norman has faced periods of heavy rainfall resulting in saturated grounds and overflowing drainage systems.

A Norman resident describes the situation to News 9:

Terrill doesn’t have to go far to see the flooding in Norman, it’s typically right in front of her.

“We need more drainage, it needs updated,” she said. “Down on the corner, it’s collapsed more than once.”

Councilman Stephen Holman said the City has this storm water master plan, but no money to implement it.

“Some homes in Norman, the back of their houses are literally 10 feet away form a creek that is literally carving in and the city has no ability to help them,” Holman said.

Should it pass, this fee will be added to residents’ utility bills. The portion each property would be responsible for under the new plan is based on areal photography which will determine how much impervious area is on the owner’s plot of land. An average residential utility customer can expect to pay about $6 a month, according to the city’s website. A calculator is available which can give an estimate of the fee for any property. I picked a plot of land to illustrate.

Plot of land selected for drainage fee calculationDrainage fee calculation for plot of land

What’s in it for the city?

The City of Norman hopes to use this money as a revenue source to cover a number of expenses, including implementing stormwater management programs and maintaining city streams and creeks. There are also federal and state regulatory requirements the city could face penalties for if it does not meet.

The city does also list where it expects to direct the funds collected from this proposed new utility fee:

The stormwater utility is expected to generate $4,900,000 in the first full year. This revenue will be used for:
$1,100,000 in basic maintenance of stormwater pipeline and channel maintenance;
$1,680,000 to meet state and federal regulatory requirements for stormwater quality, street sweeping, and to reduce pollutants in Lake Thunderbird; and
$2,120,000 to enhance maintenance in neighborhoods and small-scale capital flood relief projects

So it is specifically marked for projects related to stormwater runoff, as opposed to a general fund where the money could go to any project.

Some cities across the United States already impose such fees on their residents, like Minneapolis, MN, which implemented its similar system in 2005. Chesapeake, VA, on the other hand, charges a flat rate to its utility customers, as do many other cities in the area.

As Norman is one of the most forward-thinking cities in the Oklahoma City greater metro area and the state, there is little surprise it would be one of the first local municipalities to implement this fee. However, they will not be the first. To the north, the City of Edmond charges $2 to its residential customers, and up to $100 for businesses, based on impervious area.

No doubt, one factor driving this proposed ordinance is the EPA’s regulations pertaining to water quality, but what may lead to its establishment is more personal – the hope of a better flowing drainage system that could prevent flooding to homes and businesses. After Tuesday, the people of Norman will know the result.

UPDATE: This proposed fee failed to pass on Tuesday by a wide margin of 42 points. The final vote according to the Oklahoma Election Board was 29% for and 71% against out of 16,181 votes.

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I Found A Blog Post of Mine From 14 Years Ago. Apparently, I Haven’t Changed Much

I found this blog post from my website back in 2002 while looking for something else tonight. It turns out I haven’t changed a whole lot in fourteen years.

Blog post from 2002

God bless America. 😉

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Sorry, try again next election

404: Candidate Not Found. This ballot option does not exist.

Donald Trump at a rally in Oklahoma CityThe RNC is now one week away.

I’ve had two solid months to soak in the reality of a Donald Trump GOP ticket and consider what I’ll do now, having been a Cruz supporter in the primary. And with it slightly less time to deal with the all-but-certain nomination of Hillary Clinton. Or maybe it is certain now. Either way, you should plan for it.

For many voters, this has been the worst imaginable selection of presidential choices in modern history.

For me, it was disappointing to say the least to watch my candidate back down from the race. Ultimately I believe he made the right decision after Indiana. Meanwhile, other segments of the population are either ecstatic about moving ahead to the general, or holding on to fumes of last-ditch efforts to afford any possible alternative to Hillary vs. Trump.

As a writer who’s observed all aspects of this race for the White House, and a Republican who did not burn his membership card over the primary, I’d like to offer you my thought-out decision to vote for Donald Trump this November.

What brought me here

Before I can even start down the road of why I am voting for the Donald, I’ve got to address the incessant, relentless outrage machine that tries to make him sound like a fascist 2nd cousin of Adolf Hitler. Frankly, it’s all hyperbole, and a lot of the accusations are outright lies. What I see happening is a less-than-concerted effort to dishearten conservatives and make them feel like they’ve sold their soul if they decide to vote for Trump. This is something I’ll elaborate on later, but it needs to be said.

To start things off then, from the beginning of this entire process, even before Trump announced he would run, I have said there are two people I would not vote for. Hillary Clinton, and ¡Jeb Bush!!.

And in reference to just the GOP:

I would dare to say I’ve lived enough of my measly years with Clintons and Bushes in charge of things, and sadly they have left us with more problems than they’ve solved. They’ve been telling us they would do the same things, too, since I was a kid. My particular beef with Jeb (though he earned back one point this year) is that he is an affirmative representation of the problems with the Republican party. He was this cycle’s Romney 2012, or the 2008 McCain.

Add to that one way or the other, one of two people is going to be President-elect. There isn’t another option. You had a choice earlier this year, but nobody won enough voters over to defeat Donald or Hillary. Not Rubio, not Cruz, not even Bernie Sanders.

Are you serious, Donald Trump?

Yeah, I’m serious. I can give you plenty of strong reasons to support his candidacy, and to even look forward to an administration he would create. Though I’ve been open about criticisms against him, if you take a look through my Twitter history, you’ll notice I’ve note when I agree or disagree with all the candidates’ policy or  rhetoric. Trump is no exception.

That said, what is there to support? For one, he has the tenacity to go up against the Democratic Party, something wholly lacking from the GOP for a long time. Second, he has actually created jobs, a lot of jobs. And he’s been doing it longer than I’ve been alive. Some throw in here “oh that’s because he’s taking advantage of the rigged system, and that makes him as bad as the politicians!” What’s missing from that critique is that those who are successful always have to work their way through the legal framework.

It would be nice if you could start up a real estate firm one day, go make a few deals, move up to bigger ones, and keep the ball rolling. But business isn’t that simple in the system we have set up. It’s complicated, with taxes, lawyers, and powerful politicians at every government office. It’s not a level playing field. But does that make using the laws on the books wrong? Is it immoral to make more money than someone who didn’t hire a good lawyer?

Moving along, there’s also the plain and simple fact that his policies are not as far off as National Review or RedState might lead you to believe. In fact I can prove it. I’ve used multiple times throughout the election process as one tool to gauge where I line up with the candidates. Here is my most recent result, taken in June 2016.

FoaRyan results in ISideWith poll 2016 election

Before I mess with the numbers, without even considering where I stand on policy, can you honestly tell me Trump and Clinton are the same? They clearly are not. And I will add to this, the 73% figure is more like 80% or better when you account for nuances. The questions give you more than Yes/No options, so I went back to compare. Do we agree on everything? Nah. But that’s not the point.

I’ve already touched on this briefly, but though I obviously agree with a huge part of the Libertarian Party platform, they have not inspired confidence in me and so I choose to look elsewhere. My belief is that local elections are where the LP will take off, if it ever takes off.

Next. Business track record? He’s had maybe 12 out of 500+ businesses file bankruptcy. That’s a pretty good record. You want to tell me you’re a capitalist and you’re not ok with that? I don’t buy it.

Finally, for purposes of this article I’ll close this section with this about Donald Trump. Despite what you might hear from right-wing media, he isn’t planning to overthrow the Congress and become a dictator. Just the opposite, he has made it clear that his ideas are the starting ground for negotiations, and that he expects Congress to send him the bills. He’s also repeatedly denounced the excessive use of Executive Orders by recent presidents. These are issues conservatives have been lamenting about for years!

Why aren’t they now? That’s my next section…

Two #NeverTrumps

From what I see, there are two distinct #NeverTrump camps. One is a camp, the other is more cult-like than any “trumpkin” I’ve ever met. (By the way, at some point they can’t all be trumpkins, we are simply voters, voters who will have to live with the consequences of this election and who ought not be berated for our choices.) To the first camp, I apologize if I ever appear to lump you in with the second – your group is one who has opposed Donald Trump mostly on policy. Also the group who isn’t devoting every other social media post to why they despise him.

On the other hand, the second group of #NeverTrump has been going nonstop since last June, but interestingly offering little alternative. Remember when Cruz won Iowa, and several states in the Heartland, and had the only viable campaign that might overtake Trump’s lead? Where was this crowd then? Well, I can tell you, some of them even said they were #NeverCruz. So… so they backed Kasich then, right? Because he was the only other one left? Nope, not a chance. They just wined and said “stop Trump.”

Well good job, everyone, you didn’t come up with a plan, and now he’s the presumptive nominee, so it’s over, RIGHT? Well, except that some of them are still at it. They want a convention revolt. They want to free the delegates. But they still haven’t come up with a candidate. And it’s futile, because there’s not near as many of them as they want you to think. It’s doing nothing but dividing.

So I’m calling for anyone else like me, who has been utterly fed up with the same old Republican Party to join me on the “Trump Train,” and let’s win this election. Let’s make this country great again. After all, if “Make America Great Again” isn’t a concept you can get behind, what exactly do you support?

President Ronald Reagan smiling a Ronald Reagan sticker saying Make America Great Again

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I’m not commenting, I’m not commenting!

Not that I’m making any sort of judgment about the matter, but these are interesting stories left here for your consideration.

CNN: “Ted Cruz is going for the kill shot.

Politico: Cruz Campaign Opens 10 Florida Offices


Also Trump stated he made a “U-turn” earlier at a rally in Kansas. Rather than speak at CPAC he’s making campaign stops. Anyone think he might be in a tighter race than most of us had expected? That’s all I’m going to say.

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I Am Ready

I posted this to Facebook a moment ago, but I thought it might be good to put on here as well. Keeping tonight’s results in perspective:

A reminder to my friends who haven’t asked Facebook to stop displaying my posts yet: I am 100% ready to join with you tomorrow and unite behind someone to prevent a Donald Trump nomination if there is a clear strong candidate tonight. We are same same. (some will get that reference)

I do not want a Hillary, Bernie, or Donald in the White House. They are dangerous for America and have dangerous visions that would guarantee we will not return to a Constitutional government in our lifetimes without revolution. Think about that for a moment. We must unite. ‪#‎SuperTuesday‬‪#‎Oklahoma‬ ‪#‎ChooseCruz‬

See @FoaRyan on Twitter | Facebook

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