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What if there was a news source that covered the issues you cared about the most? What if the media had your passions, your values, and your interests guiding its direction and philosophy? Standard Excellence wants to be your source for liberty news.

Standard Excellence [SE] covers current political events and other topics from the perspective of a conservative, libertarian Christian. Focusing on local stories and issues in the Oklahoma and Texas areas, readers will find information about freedom, Ron Paul and the Liberty movement, and local political events that affect your liberty.

SE has added a new technology/culture section, with stories on music, tech industry news, off-topic ideas, and reflections on the state of humanity.


Comments and discussions are encouraged on Standard Excellence. Your thoughts and input are welcome here, and will help to add a personal touch to the website. SE intends to reach an audience that is primarily libertarian or Republican, and fiscally conservative, but beyond that there are a wide range of views expressed both by the writers and the reading audience.

Linking to other websites is completely acceptable, provided that the link is relevant and constructive to the article or discussion, and not simply an advertisement for the linked website. SE reserves the right to mark comments as spam or have them removed. Questions about any removal may be submitted to


In order to attend events, often involving travel, and fund the maintenance of this website, advertisements have been chosen as a way to defer some of these costs. It is the goal of Standard Excellence to provide relevant advertising, and over time to include higher quality sponsors and ads of particular interest to the reading audience.

From time to time, other promotions may be displayed and offered on this website. These may include giveaways, promotional products, contests, and are intended to add value to the overall experience, not detract from it.

We’ve all been to those websites with popups, popunders, popafters, expanding ads that take over your screen, annoying subscription boxes before you even read an article, fifteen “secret” tricks to reduce belly fat, automatic playing videos, and the list goes on. Those kind of ads don’t belong on here, and if you see any of them misbehaving, be sure to forward the info to the same email.


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