If one thing has become the biggest theme of the 2016 Election for me, it’s the complete failure of the national media in America to cover this race in an honest way. I’m not even talking about covering it with a bias, it’s way beyond that.

I could paint the picture with statistics like the 96% of journalist donations that have gone to the Clinton campaign, or the sheer volume of negative coverage news channels give Trump, while saying nice things of Hillary. But it’s more than that – most “major” networks are not even explaining the candidates’ policies and plans, choosing rather to dig up the latest scandal. Whether it’s based in fact or not.

Now, I would argue this is done to help Hillary, but even at that we still don’t learn much about what she would do as President. I couldn’t tell you for certain what her top 1 or 2 policies are, to be frank. College debt or something?

But what I really see happening, that has happened since the very day Donald Trump announced his candidacy at the bottom of the escalator, is a nonstop attack on his character and every other aspect of him. While I could quickly point out a number of negatives about Trump, what really bothers me are the countless false narratives that have occupied the news cycle, sometimes for days.

So I bring you: The Hall of False Narratives

Rigged or Not Rigged?

obama-its-the-russiansThe first narrative should be one you’re familiar with, if you were following the news over the last couple of weeks. Trump has suggested, starting back this summer (August 1 by my calculation), that the election “might be rigged.” Whenever he’s said anything like that, the Clinton campaign is quick to fire back and insist how preposterous that is (even to think about or consider). In fact, it’s a threat to our democratic process!

Only back in July, President Obama warned that Russian hackers might try to … rig the election. Yeah, they’re interfering with our process, remember? Trying to hack in. So, who’s right?

But in reality, what Trump is saying is that we’ve already discovered rigging, like the way the Democrats rigged their primary against Bernie Sanders. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned over it. Since then we’ve also learned about Donna Brazile, who has now resigned from CNN. Add to this voter fraud investigations in many states that are currently underway, and now if you’re a Democrat, bringing up rigging might be the last thing you want to do at this point!

Not There Yet

Do you remember when Donald Trump “refused” to endorse Paul Ryan? This was an attack line, largely run by conservative media pundits, intending to convince other Republicans that Trump was sabotaging the party and trying to hurt down-ballot races.

Only, it was an obvious misinterpretation of what was happening. On August 2nd Trump said he was “not quite there yet” when asked about endorsing Ryan in an interview with the Washington Post. WaPo called it “an extraordinary breach of political decorum.”

Well, as it turns out Paul Ryan said the exact same words before endorsing Trump in June: “not there yet.” Also Trump didn’t refuse, he was asked a question in an interview and said he wanted strong leadership. He then endorsed Ryan on August 5th.

The 11 Year Old Kid on Trump’s Language

August 6: A multiple-story narrative here: Trump is a horrible role model for your kids, and also he hates babies, or something.

CNN tried to use an 11 year old kid, who criticized some of the language Trump has been known to use in order to support the storyline that no one should look up to the horrible man who is Donald Trump.

Only the kid went on CNN and basically said some bad language is a lot better than getting your head chopped off by ISIS terrorists. (smart kid!)

“I really think that listening to a few bad words coming out of Donald Trump is a lot better than people getting blown up by terrorists, people getting burned alive, people getting their heads chopped off, and people getting drowned.”

But He Threw a Baby Out of One of His Rallies!

Yes, part 2 of this is when they tried to say he threw a baby out of one of his rallies. That detestable meanie.

Except the mom says this NEVER happened.

WaPo came out and admitted it, at least: washingtonpost.com/news/fact-chec…

Melania Trump Might Have Immigrated Illegally

August 5: They tried to say or to suggest Melania Trump was an illegal immigrant.

This is false. Why was it in the Hall of False Narratives? Trump is against illegal immigration, so if his own family’s not following the process, why he loses all credibility on the subject! And like most of these stories, the negative sentiment spreads around on social media for days on end.

The Secret Service Is Investigating

Here’s one that got my blood boiling a little. This was widespread, and a little more damaging due to its implications. Even Jake Tapper ran with this one.

August 9: Trump makes a comment about the “2nd amendment people.” Full comment:

By the way, and if she gets to pick –if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know. But I’ll tell you what, that will be a horrible day, if — if — Hillary gets to put her judges in.

Ignoring whatever you might think that implies, it is not necessary to fabricate a story to facilitate your view. Then for 24 hours, all I saw on the news was this story that the Secret Service was investigating the Trump campaign over the comment.

On August 10th, I found out the Secret Service looking into the comments was another story CNN pushed based on “source.” “Source” has been a frequent “source” for this election, as story after story was broken this summer based on anonymous sources, only to be debunked within days or hours, or simply never materialize, as you’ll see after this.

Tapper tweets out the story:

secret service sources say

And the text on CNN’s website, stating the narrative as though it were fact:

secret service sources say 2

On the next day, Donald Trump says there was no investigation and the Secret Service has only said they’re “aware” of the comments. Later, Reuters confirms.

A blogger agrees with me – the public should catch up on this because the public is being lied to by our media.

Half of Trump’s 30 Latino Advisers READY TO QUIT After Immigration Speech

Now I take you back to the week of Trump’s big immigration speech, right after he got back from meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

The pundits’ reaction alone – including many conservative new media types – was enough to turn me off from paying attention to them for the rest of this election. This is when I completely quit listening to them. They said all week long how Trump was going to flip-flop on his central policy after visiting Mexico. They railed hard, predicting he would turn his back on his supporters in pivoting to the general election, but then when he didn’t do anything of the sort, they had another plan in place.

One outlet, Politico, ran a story on it, ‘Limbaugh looses it over Trump’s immigration flip-flop.’ Only there was one small problem; Trump didn’t flip-flop. He outlined his policy proposals and solidified support with his early base, assuring them he would take illegal immigration seriously and build a wall to protect our border. When he didn’t, a counter narrative was released, a la New York Times. But that’s not the worst of it to me yet.

So what happened afterward, when these wise guys were all proved wrong again? Did they admit it? Not a chance, instead the next few days Twitter was buzzing with the story that HALF of the campaign’s 30 Latino advisers were “READY TO QUIT.” Leslie Sanchez, a GOP adviser, blasted out the story on Twitter, amassing 2,600+ retweets and plenty of other people quoting or referencing her. She also indicated the advisers felt “misled.” What? They didn’t hear about “Build The Wall?” RawStory picked it up.

With all this noise, two advisers actually did leave. One of them turns out to be an amnesty lobbyist. The other one I’ve read came back, but haven’t had time to chase down the story to find out.

To get a picture of just how widespread this (or any story on the list) was, here’s a google search to get you started.

The List Would Go On

Theses narratives were all picked out around the same time from August and September, but I could really amass quite a list if I did this for the whole year. For time’s sake, and my own personal sanity, I chose to limit it to 6

The reporting from the people who are supposed to give us sound information and cover the election is slanted to make it sound like there’s constantly drama in the Trump campaign. There’s a shakeup, an intervention, a reset. They’re reigning him in. Come on, you people have been saying this campaign was falling apart and a joke since June of last year! Every step of the way, some people, who refuse to admit they’ve been wrong, are saying whatever they can to convince you Donald Trump isn’t the successful man America has know him to be for the entire rest of my life before he ran.

My patience for it ran out this summer, how about yours?