The Democrats wouldn’t vote for any of four separate measures proposed in the Senate this summer related to gun control, but that didn’t stop them from holding a sit-in in the halls of Congress to grandstand about the issue.

Now they’re at it again. Representative John Lewis (D-Georgia) took to the House floor today to renew his call for a vote on gun bills addressing background checks and the no-fly list.

Congressman John Lewis Addresses House on Gun Control

“Time and time again,” said Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia), “we ask for compassion, time and time again we ask for action.” Well, your time to act came, four times this summer, and each time your party failed to act. So you might want to direct your impassioned pleas at Harry Reid, not Speaker Ryan.

“These bills should be passed. Bring them to the floor, let us have a vote.” There were four votes this summer. All of them failed.

Really, to me, this is one of the big problems with Washington. Even when one party decides it’ll compromise on something, give in somewhere, the other side says “not good enough.” Have we lived so long in the era of requiring supermajorities for every vote that we’re numb to Congress’s inability to cooperate? They owe it to us, the people, to come up with reasonable solutions to the problems we sent them there to address.