The week before the Republican and Democratic National Conventions began, I wrote about my decision to vote for Donald Trump. I know a lot of detractors say Trump supporters are either total lemmings who love everything he says, or they’re ONLY voting for him to vote against Hillary.

Donald Trump waves to a crowd at the Oklahoma State FairThe comparisons run everywhere from being just like Obama supporters in 2008, to Hitler’s youth (when we should know by now that CNN is Hitler), to unprincipled sellouts. And those are only some of the nice ones.

See, what’s happening here is Donald Trump is running a pretty effective campaign, something the Republicans haven’t exactly become famous for. He’s made it to this point spending hardly any money. Now the campaign is raising a ton of it, putting the Republicans on near equal footing with the Democrats. And that scares a lot of people, so to combat they have to debase his supporters. There’s a smear campaign against the intelligence of anyone who thinks Trump would be good for this country.

But I want to tell you, there is no reason anyone should be ashamed of their vote for Trump, and you don’t have to sell out your principles in order to support him.

So in short form, here are 24 of my reasons why I’m FOR Donald J. Trump

  1. He rejects Obama’s and previous presidents’ excessive executive orders and pledges to rescind them in areas like immigration or the Second Amendment.
  2. He will appoint justices to the Supreme Court that respect our Constitution and laws.
  3. That means they won’t support Sharia law.
  4. This also means *other* federal court appointments will be in this line, too. It’s a lot more than SCOTUS at stake here, people, despite what National Review says.
  5. He legitimately gets under the skin of the press and for once fights back against them. Just look at any publication or TV channel, they all hate him.
  6. He’s actually hired people, a lot of people – and not just campaign staff.
  7. His business success rate far surpasses even highly successful entrepreneurs, whom conservatives ordinarily praise. Understand that most business startups fail within the first few years. He’s had a few bankruptcies, out of over 500 businesses.
  8. Colorado Governor Hickenlooper even says this. He’s bashing Trump, but he’s really making my point, when you divide 6 / 500 and get the percentage.
  9. Rich people don’t care what you think.
  10. He articulates the arguments conservatives have railed about for years, and he doesn’t back down when challenged on it like Romney & McCain did.
  11. He pre-empts the Democrats and Hillary. He speaks up about issues FIRST instead of letting them lead the conversation, like when he hit Hillary early on by saying she plays the “woman card.”
  12. His tax plan cuts taxes overall and simplifies the code, eliminating loopholes that typically benefit the rich (read: business owners with CPAs who can find and take advantage of said loopholes).
  13. Though I don’t like the idea of having a bottom 0% while others have to pay, it does sound appealing that there would be people not paying any income tax – not even filing them. (Libertarians advocate for this in off-election years.)
  14. He will ask every department head to submit a plan to reduce spending. (What?! I thought he was going to grow government so much!)
  15. He wants to repeal Dodd-Frank (a banking regulation that is part of the reason you don’t see many community banks anymore).
  16. He is *for immigration* and *against illegal immigration* – he has stated this over and over despite what the media says.
  17. He attracts voters from across the ideological spectrum because he isn’t an ideologue.
  18. He wants trade deals on a level playing field. (which is why I’m opposed to the TPP ) Don’t make me dig up articles about the US & China and carbon pollution, because I know where conservatives stood on that one!!
  19. He will lift moratoriums on drilling on federal lands.
  20. He will ask TransCanada to renew its permit application for the Keystone Pipeline, so he can approve it.
  21. He has contributed more than $49 million to his own campaign. Meanwhile many so-called conservatives, who don’t understand how to manage money, said he should write a $20 million, or $40 million, or whatever dollar check to cover expenses. (Update: as of this morning the amount is apparently now $100 million)
  22. He’s against Common Core. (Update 10/19: and for school choice!)
  23. Foreign leaders have already indicated they respect him. Mexican President Vincente Fox apologized to Trump after cursing him earlier this year. Vladimir Putin called Trump “bright and talented.” (This is of course spun, by dishonest people, to imply Putin owns Trump, or some other wild conspiracy claim that would immediately garner ridicule if the tables were turned.)
  24. Lastly, he does not fit the mold people keep trying to put him in. Ideologues want to fit him into categories of strictly “conservative” or “liberal,” Republican, Democrat, populist, you name it. But the thing I hope you will be come aware of, is that he is not a Washington ideologue. He’s not made for your paradigm. The old paradigms are dying, if not dead already. Neocons are going back to the Democratic Party, and millennials are voting independent.

One more supporting reason (for now)

Though I could go on, there will be plenty of time for more in the days to come. One thing I want to address is a message that gets washed out with the stories that distort and attach the character of Donald Trump in all areas, but particularly in his love for this country. He talks about it literally all the time, but media reports on the size of his hands, or spends weeks saying there was a controversy in his remarks to Kizr Khan, when nobody can even tell me what he said that was offensive. (Literally, I’m still waiting for an answer…)

He genuinely cares about the American worker. Did you know The Apprentice, the NBC show which turned into Celebrity Apprentice after seven seasons, was switched back for one season specifically to help those affected by the economic downturn around 2008-2010?

They want you to think he is some awful racist, even Hitler-like authoritarian, and play you a nasty soundbite. When in reality Donald talks like a normal person, if you listen to him. He sounds like a regular guy, having a regular conversation. (Hillary sounds like a robot, by contrast.) Maybe you should get out and try that with non-political friends sometime. Or listen to a group of old men having coffee together in the morning at Panera.

I’m not telling anyone “you have to vote for” or even “you should like” Donald Trump. But what I am telling you, is that you’re being lied to, frequently, and it’s affecting the race. Stop listening to the lies. I hope you can take some of my reasons, and many others, and use them to show that there is plenty to support Donald Trump over – even for this Constitutional, libertarian-minded conservative!