Just a reminder, in case you’re suffering from political amnesia (and I know many are), anyone who’s ever supported a Republican presidential candidate is a racist. Hillary Clinton reminded us of this today.

Who can deny it?

Romney supporters were such racists and sexists that MoveOn was forced to draw up a petition for Mitt Romney himself to denounce them! Gary Johnson supporters are, as in presently, “mostly white men who lean toward being fairly racist.” This is according to Bernie Sanders’ former digital director.

Ticking back, of course there was always that looming threat of “an enormous wellspring of hidden racist sentiment” for John McCain that might rear its ugly head at the ballot box.

And, though he did better than most other GOP candidates with minorities, particularly Hispanic voters, President George W. Bush, too, was a racist. After all, he spoke at that racist Bob Jones University in 2000.

Let me tell you something, it’s even borderline unacceptable to mention anyone but a white person’s ethnicity these days, let alone make a joke about it or eat food in public originating from their culture. So I don’t get too bent out of shape when I’m painted as a white nationalist racist by Hillary Clinton. It’s a flawed tactic, and we’re not phased by it anymore.

Never forget, you’re all a bunch of racist white nationalists, and there’s no hope for your redemption!