Donald Trump 2016 Campaign

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In the last few weeks of political discourse in the United States, we have shifted away from policies and the usual issues that presidential candidates discuss, and instead the whole conversation has centered around one personality. Donald Trump.

Never mind what policies the man actually espouses (including a single-payer healthcare system), or how he would go about funding and maintaining a border wall, most of the discussion is now about Trump offending millions of people, and exciting millions of others.

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry, who is running for the GOP 2016 presidential nomination, has been among the most vocal opponents of his party’s current poll leader. In an email blast today, and published on National Review, here are highlights from the Governor’s remarks:

On Military Service And On Border Security, Trump Offers Only Hot Air

Being president of the United States is serious business, not a reality TV show.

This is especially true for the next president, who will have a big job ahead after the failures of the Obama administration. Our challenges are too complex — and the future of our country too important — to let egos, inflated rhetoric, and emotion take the place of thoughtful discussion.

I made the case recently for why GOP policies are the best to create opportunity across the country for families of all backgrounds. I’ve held up my home state’s reforms in economic, education, and sentencing policies as examples of conservative governance that have made life better for minorities in Texas compared with other places around the country. And I’ve been honest about our party’s shortcomings — including my own — in engaging all Americans in our conversations about the future of this nation.

But we can’t do that if we’re pitting black against white against brown; rich against poor; women against men. Playing identity politics takes a page right out of the Democrats’ playbook, and we Republicans are better than that.

That’s why rhetoric such as the kind employed by Donald Trump is damaging — it’s damaging to our party, and most important, damaging to the United States of America. I believe strongly that Mr. Trump’s philosophy is not conservatism, but rather a toxic mix of demagoguery and nonsense.

Mr. Trump’s absurdity reached a new low over the weekend, when he spit in the eye of every American prisoner of war, particularly Senator John McCain. But frankly, we should expect no better from a man who couldn’t be bothered to answer the call to serve his nation when it needed him most.

As a veteran and the son of a veteran, I find Mr. Trump’s brand of vitriol particularly offensive, and I have no confidence that he could adeptly lead our nation’s armed forces. His comments over the weekend should completely and immediately disqualify him from seeking our nation’s highest office.

Perry continues, referring once again to the border:

If Mr. Trump plans to “tell it like it is,” then he should tell the facts. Border security is a federal responsibility. Period. But when it became clear that Washington, D.C., wouldn’t act, I told President Obama that if he didn’t secure the border, Texas would.

When it comes down to it, Mr. Trump and President Obama have similar records on border security. Neither seems to understand that it’s the federal government’s responsibility to secure our borders. Neither has taken the time to visit the border. Neither has paid any attention to the issue until it’s become politically convenient. And most significantly, neither has put forward any thoughtful solutions to secure the border.

Rather than thanking Texas for stepping into a gap it shouldn’t have to fill, Mr. Trump has made clear that he believes the states should fend for themselves on border security. Rather than praising the men and women of the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas National Guard, and Texas game wardens, Mr. Trump ridicules their tireless work to protect our communities. Not only is this wrong, but it perpetuates the same failed policies that have left our southern border porous and vulnerable.

It seems, at least if you consider the words of Rick Perry, that Trump’s campaign is basically a series of uninformed blasts and jabs, taken at the expense of hard working Americans and veterans. Read his full remarks on National Review.

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