Recently you may have noticed a lull in the posting frequency here at Standard Excellence. You may have also noticed a lull in the number of writers. Both of these observations would be quite astute.

In fact it’s been quite a busy year, and due to a number of factors it’s been a little difficult to keep up with articles on the website. I like to do third person newsy type stories, where I cover local political stories from a liberty-minded perspective, and in some cases attend events and report on things that may get little newspaper attention. All of this takes time and transportation.

With car troubles dominating the first quarter of the year, and all the breakdowns I had last year, money’s been a bit tight, forcing me to limit how much extra driving I’m doing outside my 15-mile daily work commute. Texas has been out of the question, and what’s more, I don’t have another writer in Texas anymore. I’m still very sad about that. Long story short, I just haven’t been able to keep up with Standard Excellence like I’d like to.

So I needed something to change. Something new, something different. Something more exciting!

FoaRyan Presents Standard ExcellenceSo I’ve put a lot of thought into sort of revamping the theme and focus of, and turning it into something I can keep up with no matter the weather or budget.

What I’ve decided is to take personal ownership of the website (of course, I already owned it, technically), and I will be speaking to all my readers from a more personal perspective. And, I’ve added an exclamation point! Effective immediately, Standard Excellence is now @FoaRyan presents: Standard Excellence!*
*Title and variations thereof subject to change†.

With the elections fast approaching – starting with our very own primaries June 24 – look for my take on the candidates in various races. I may be sitting down for coffee with State House and Senate contenders and incumbents, and I’ll commit myself to a one post per week minimum. The goal will be more than that, but even if I get horribly busy I still want you to be able to expect something to be delivered.

After all, there’s a lot of crazy going on in this world, and someone has to stand there, waving their arms and pointing out the insanities!

Casting Call

FoaRyan Ryan Hill at TheBlaze StudioStandard Excellence will never become what I’ve envisioned it as without the help of others. Last year was a big year for me and the site, not only because I was invited to a few conferences in different states, but also because for a short period of time I had my first writer. It was terrific. Suddenly my content was double what it used to be, and I had a new audience exposed to my site. Well sadly, as the year would go on, we had to pursue different interests, and this operation is back down to a staff of one. One’s a lean ship any way you look at it, and I’m going to need a crew if this ship is going to go anywhere. So I am actively looking for writing talent to add to this site and will be on the lookout for it.

Now I’m not just looking for any writers. As is the case with most things in my life: I’ll know it when I see it. But I do have a few subjects in mind. One topic for sure I know I want to keep a regular voice on is Common Core. Oklahoma just became the second state to repeal it, and I don’t think this issue is going anywhere any time soon. And it’s a big one. This would be a column that would focus on Oklahoma’s Common Core debate, but would also cover the national story and doesn’t necessarily need to be written from the state of Oklahoma.

Other topics that I generally consider part of what Standard Excellence represents would include second amendment/open-carry stories (note: I’m for open-carry!), government surveillance and privacy in general, freedom of religion and religious practices (boy would I love someone to cover the Hobby Lobby case…), and the whole of Oklahoma politics. I also need a photographer. I’m good at taking pictures but terrible at capturing emotion. *You* could be the one to do both!

I’m staying focused on one state for the time being, but someday I want to be bringing you firsthand reports all the way from Austin, Texas.

So please sit back, come back, and get ready for the biggest shakeup in Oklahoma media that hasn’t happened yet! Also please invite all of your friends, share the Standard Excellence Facebook page because it won’t be the media conglomerate I’m shooting for if nobody knows about it…

For more Oklahoma, Texas, and national news and opinion that matters for Liberty, visit the Standard Excellence Facebook page, and Ryan Hill’s Twitter profile @FoaRyan.