US AGUS Attorney General Eric Holder was scheduled to come to Oklahoma City today to speak to the OKCPD graduating class. As of this morning, he has cancelled, and Federal Judge Vicki Miles-LeGrange, the originally scheduled keynote speaker, will be speaking instead. She had previously cancelled, asking Holder to take her place.

As Eric Holder had been the focus of several controversies such as the Fast and Furious gun-running operation and being held in contempt of Congress, many Oklahomans were upset over the announcement of his arrival.

State Representative Mike Turner (R), of Oklahoma House District 82, has planned a protest in response. Though Holder will not be present, the protest is still to take place today at 1:00 PM at First Church in Downtown Oklahoma City.

Following is a press release regarding the protest:

Call to Protest: State Rep. Mike Turner Asks Citizens to Join Forces and Speak Out Against U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Representative and 5th District Congressional candidate Mike Turner is asking citizens to join him in a protest against U.S. Attorney Eric Holder’s presence at the Oklahoma City Police Academy graduation ceremony.

“Holder has shown contempt for upholding the law, refused to safeguard basic civil liberties and has been involved in operations that have needlessly resulted in the deaths of U.S. law enforcement,” said Turner, R- Oklahoma City. “His invitation to speak to Oklahoma City Police’s graduating cadets is disturbing considering they will be the ones that will be coming face to face with the foreign drug cartel presence in Oklahoma. This cartel presence is only becoming more prominent and dangerous due to the policies of Holder and the Obama Administration’s refusal to defend our borders.”

Holder has not only been held in contempt of Congress during an investigation of the Fast and Furious Gun Running Scandal, but he has also refused to take criminal action against groups that conducted voter intimidation practices in 2008 and refused to investigate the 2012 Benghazi attack.

Under Holder’s watch, the Justice Department secretly confiscated phone records from the Associated Press in the name of ‘National Security’. Many have called this action an attack on the free press.

“This protest is not a conservative or liberal issue,” said Turner. “This is an issue of civil liberties, safety and upholding the law. Our police officers serve in order to protect us from danger and safeguard our rights under the Constitution. Holder’s has made it clear that these basic functions of his office are not part of his agenda. He should not be there to taint this celebration for those who have stepped forward to protect our communities.”

Join Mike Turner and concerned citizens:

Thursday, April 24 @ 1:00 p.m. Outside of First Church 131 NW 4th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73102

This week, Turner was a guest on 1000 KTOK’s Rick Roberts in the Morning show, where he discussed the protest and also stated, “Regardless of who you are in this country, you will be held accountable for your crimes.”

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