We can stop Obamacare right here in Oklahoma. This state is the strongest Republican state in the nation, but there hardly seems to be a push to dismantle the legislation the party claims to oppose so strongly in Washington. In fact, until enormous pressure fell on Governor Fallin in 2012 to do so, our state would have implemented the healthcare exchange and Medicaid expansions that many Republican states have outright rejected.

Rally against Obamacare penalties at Oklahoma Capitol

A rally inside the Oklahoma Capitol. Participants delivered letters to their representatives urging them to support legislation that would prevent the enforcement of the Affordable Healthcare Act in Oklahoma.

We could, and rightfully should, be the beacon of freedom shining out to the rest of conservative-led America in dealing with Obamacare from the state level, but it’s going to take some work. Specifically, there are a number of bills sitting in our state legislature now, and haven’t moved in weeks.

The first of the bills in question are HB2817 and SB1279. As companion bills, if passed they will repeal the healthcare trusts required by the Affordable Care Act. However, they have been sitting in committees since February 4.

SB1279 is authored by Sen. Nathan Dahm (R-Tulsa County) and was referred to the Senate Appropriations Health and Human Services Subcommittee. It has not been brought up for a reading since February 4. Sen. Kim David (R-Porter) is the chair, and has the power to bring this bill up in her committee.

The companion bill in the House is HB2817, which is Rep. Gus Blackwell’s committee. Ask him to give this bill priority!

Both would repeal the Oklahoma Health Information Exchange Act effective November 2014, but neither will do anything as long as they are sitting in those committees. Call these committee leaders and let them know you want to see socialized healthcare left out of your state. Sen. David’s office number is (405) 521-5590, and her email is david@oksenate.gov. Rep. Blackwell’s office number is (405) 557-7384, and his email is gusblackwell@okhouse.gov. Both chairs are Republicans, and they should stand with the people of Oklahoma before Obamacare penalties start to hurt our state.

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