The Oklahoma House Speaker vote is set to take place today. Republicans Mike Jackson of Fairview, OK, and Jeff Hickman of Enid, OK, are in the running to succeed current speaker TW Shannon, who is stepping down in light of his run for US Senate. The vote will take place privately, as this is a party leadership decision and not subject to a vote of the entire House.

state Capitol of Oklahoma

Shannon announced his run for Senate at the end of January after current Senator Tom Coburn (R) made it known he will retire at the end of this Senate session. Congressman James Lankford (R-OK5) has also announced his running for the same Senate seat. The two will face each other this year in the June 24 Republican primary.

Standard Excellence will be at the Capitol today, and will update this page when the new speaker is known.

This morning Jeff Hickman was chosen by the Republican delegation to become the new Speaker. In the afternoon session, Hickman was nominated by Rep. Lisa Billy and seconded by Rep. Todd Thomsen. Democrat minority leader Scott Inman received his party’s nomination. Hickman was elected Speaker by a vote of 69-29 a little after 2 PM. Hickman was immediately sworn in and gave a short acceptance speech, highlighting his commitment to address the state’s retirement system, among other things, in his term.

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