Did you watch the Opening Ceremony yesterday? I know Americans for the most part did not see it live, but I found myself forgetting the ceremony was delayed while watching it on NBC last night. Mainly thanks to Twitter.

Olympics Opening ceremonies failrI didn’t tune in until the exact moment the Russian choir started singing their National Anthem, so I actually missed the big gaffe people are talking about (though I have now seen the pictures, and yeah, that’s a pretty big gaffe). In case you’re blind and reading this through a text-to-speech device, one of the five Olympic “O’s” didn’t deploy, in a manner of speaking. It sort of looked like the Olympic logo got a black eye or something.

So what do you think would or should happen to someone overseeing such an event? Should he be fired? Fined? Put to public shame? Well, I guess we’ll never know, because the man responsible for this unfortunate production failure is already dead! All right, actually that’s not true. But there’s a great article on The Daily Currant that sounds believably plausible, at first glance anyhow. Those Russians sure have a lot of national pride, don’t they? Some things never change.

Murderous kidding out of the way, the ceremony was a worldwide tribute to Russian nationalism. The program ran through the nation’s history from what I find to be a unique perspective. I’ve always found Russian history fascinating, but I’ve also always learned about it from a distinctly American perspective, so my attention was held to the very end. The Russians are very proud of their heritage.

Not everyone seems to share my fascination with multiculturalism, though, as I found out online:

On the other hand, the American entry was quite a site to see… not in a good way:

It’s too bad the granny sweater style is what our team chose to represent American fashion, but I suppose it was better than a bunch of beards and flannel jackets. All in all it was an amazing production. I wish I could have been there to see it in person.

And if you didn’t catch it, that last tweet about sums up the show.

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