OKLAHOMA CITY. Today in a brief House of Representatives session, Jeff Hickman, a Republican State Representative from Fairview, OK, succeeded TW Shannon (R-Lawton) as Speaker.

Hickman was voted in by a strong majority of 69-29 votes, falling along party lines. Assistant Majority Whip Rep. Lisa Billy (R, House District 42) nominated the new Speaker, followed with a second by Todd Thomsen (R, House District 25). The Republican caucus met earlier Monday to decide between two contenders for the nomination. Mike Jackson of Fairview, OK was the other Republican in the running for House speakership.

Oklahoma Speaker Jeff Hickman sworn in

Chief Justice Tom Colbert administers the oath of office to new Speaker Jeff Hickman

Upon receiving the nomination and being sworn in, Speaker Hickman hugged his wife, who was standing at his side with their son as he gave the oath of office. This was followed by an emotion-filled speech in which the new Speaker promised to take his duties seriously, and to work hard to tackle the issues currently facing the Oklahoma legislature, such as the state retirement and pension system.

Jeff Hickman hugs his wife as he is sworn in

Oklahoma House of Representatives give a standing ovation to new Speaker Jeff Hickman

The House, in good spirits without having any controversy over who would become speaker, gave multiple standing ovations to Rep. Hickman when he was nominated and voted in. Democrat Minority Leader Scott Inman (D, House District 94) received his party’s nomination.

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