sgs13web600Exciting announcement for Standard Excellence – in 12 days (that’s two Fridays) Ryan Hill and Maya Grim of Standard Excellence will be in Indianapolis, IN covering Smart Girl Summit 2013!

Smart Girl Politics is a non-profit organization that works to involve fiscally independent women in the political process, and has been sponsored by FreedomWorks, the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity, the Heritage Foundation, FTR Radio, Americans For Prosperity, and many others.

This year’s summit will include speakers Katie Pavlich of, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, plus many other speakers and panelists. SGS 2013 covers important topics that affect women in America from getting plugged in to local and state politics to successfully promoting a conservative message through digital means.

Other highlights at the Summit will include Common Core school curriculum standards, a book signing by James O’Keefe, a session focusing on reaching youth, and what is sure to be a spectacular, the Armed and Fabulous program where dozens of armed women will showcase their control over their firearms.

Smart Girl Summit 2013 - IndianapolisSmart Girl Politics Action is also the blog of Smart Girl Politics, featuring lively and intelligent conservative thought from a female perspective.

That’s it for this week! For more Oklahoma, Texas, and national news and opinion that matters for Liberty, visit the Standard Excellence Facebook page, and my Twitter profile @FoaRyan.