Oklahomans gather in the heat to show their objection to US intervention in Syria

Oklahomans gather in the heat to show their objection to US intervention in Syria’s civil war.

Residents from the Oklahoma City area gathered Friday evening at the south steps of the Oklahoma State Capitol to hold a rally protesting US involvement Syria’s civil war.

Organized and hosted by Oklahoma State Senator Paul Wesselhöft, the event featured several speakers, including two other State Senators. Around 100 were in attendance. EDIT: Michael McNutt of the Oklahoman estimated 200 attendees in his report.

Wesselhöft opposes intervention in Syria on grounds that it is not the moral or political obligation of the US to be involved in the civil war of another country. Upon stating this at the beginning of the rally, Wesselhöft received strong applause. He followed by stating, “This war is our concern, but not our business.”

Syria is currently in the midst of a civil war, echoing the recent events in Lybia and ongoing unrest in Egypt. While the Obama administration has done relatively little in Egypt’s governmental overturn, more than 70 US aircraft and 145 unmanned drone strikes were used to aid the removal of Libya’s dictator Muammar Qaddafi.

Those in attendance expressed their desire to prevent involvement in another international conflict. Lukus Collins, one of the speakers, describes himself as anti-war by principle, and says that wars are almost always waged for reasons other than what governments announce. Others could be seen holding signs ranging in message from total rejection of all war to support for US military troops needing a break from action.

In addition to Republican Paul Wesselhöft, two Democrats State Senators also spoke in the non-partisan gathering.

Below is a photo catalog of the Not Our War rally.

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