Here are some interesting liberty related stories in Oklahoma, Texas, and national news happening this week. This page updates throughout the week as events occur, so check back and keep up to date on your Oklahoma and Texas Liberty News Source.


Is Governor Mary Fallin pushing Obamacare again? Oklahomans for Liberty, an Oklahoma non-profit organization, reports she is. Last year the Governor announced Oklahoma would not be setting up a healthcare exchange, nor expanding our Medicare program, as required by the Affordable Healthcare Act, or “Obamacare.”

However, this year, Senate Bill 640 would authorize Oklahoma to accept federal ACA funds but exclude more unpopular aspects of the system, such as the individual insurance mandate. The bill, being in its formative stages, is still unwritten and therefore unclear as to how funds could be accepted without federal strings attached.

In addition, there is a commercial now playing on Oklahoma City radio stations advocating Oklahoma to accept this money, pointing listeners to the website The website previously did not identify what this organization is, but has in the last week added a little bit of information to the site, revealing it is a project of the Oklahoma Hospital Association and local chambers of commerce.

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Texas legislature hears testimony concerning the legalization of medical marijuana.

Around the US

Internet sales tax bill passes Senate. Check the link to see if your GOP Senator voted for this. No Oklahoma or Texas Senator voted in favor, and additionally Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine has already expressed his opposition in the House.

Illinois GOP chairman resigns after gay marriage controversy. I am increasingly convinced the RNC does not want homosexuals to be in the party. I understand being against gay marriage and don’t think the position should be demonized like it is, but no one should have to resign their party leadership because they support gay marriage and exercise their free speech about it. We should encourage a healthy exchange of ideas, rather than to muffle differing opinions.

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