Standard Excellence logoIt is with great pleasure and excitement that I announce to you Standard Excellence will be attending the 2013 blogging conference put on by the FreedomWorks organization, to be held in Dallas, Texas next weekend. The three-day conference will be a powerful tool to help bloggers and independent journalists develop their websites and brands, strengthening the digital front of liberty.

FreedomWorks is what I like to call a “grassroots organizing organization.” Founded in 1984, FreedomWorks helps to coordinate the efforts of people like you and me in our quest to restore and promote the ideals of liberty in the United States. President and CEO Matt Kibbe directs the organization as it seeks to fight for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.

Some of the many speakers at BlogCon include names such as Matt Kibbe, Glenn Beck, Dean Clancy, and James O’Keefe, among others. The conference will span three days, covering many important topics as they relate to blogging for liberty.

Personal Involvement

I first heard of FreedomWorks while listening to the Glenn Beck radio program a few years ago, and decided to set up an account. Since that time there has not been a whole lot of activity in Oklahoma with the organization, but I’ve kept reasonably plugged in online.

Then last year, as I started to develop my Twitter account, I came in contact with other like-minded liberty activists. It just so happens that people like Julie Borowski, Jackie Bodnar, Jeff Scully, and Whitney Neal are a part of this wonderful organization. Having met them (on Twitter, at least) simply through sharing my thoughts and news snippets, I have learned I have much in common with FreedomWorks, hence my elation over having been chosen to attend this conference.

I love the work the organization is doing, and it will be quite rewarding to receive the benefit of this conference.

The Deets

More speakers than I can mention. Sessions on presentation, networking, blogging, new media, investigative journalism, and so much more. To cap things off, at the end we will go to Beck Studio to see a taping of the Glenn Beck program for his new television network, The Blaze.

This will all help Standard Excellence to become an even better source for news and opinion that matters for the cause of liberty. Look for new and exciting features on this site in the days to come!

One more thing – I have to give a shoutout to Kristina Ribali for her part in putting this together. I really don’t even know what all her involvement has been, but she has played a big part in the organizing of the event, including putting the guest list together. She is a fantastic example of how individuals can contribute to the cause of liberty.

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