This is not the kind of news story I like to follow, especially when it involves families and friends that I know personally. I live in the Oklahoma City metro area, about 30 minutes from Moore, where yesterday an EF-4 (preliminary measurement) tornado destroyed homes, businesses, and even lives for 20 miles as it tracked through the Heartland. At least four of my friends and their families have lost their homes.

The only good thing I have seen so far is that the death toll has been lowered from a number released last night. The number I saw on national television was 51 deaths, but that has since been reduced to 24. A press conference is scheduled for noon today, in which a new number may again be released.

UPDATE: After a 12PM presser, the death toll appears to remain at twenty-four, nine of which are children. This number could change as more homes and businesses are searched for survivors. 237 injuries have been reported at this time.

tornado funnel

Funnel cloud just north of Standard Excellence headquarters, AKA “My House”

Fortunately, and by God’s providence, I left Oklahoma Sunday night to attend the funeral of a family member, but not before a tornado on that day just about grazed my own house!

This one touched down briefly a few minutes before I snapped the picture, and eventually regained strength, running through Edmond on its way toward Arcadia Lake.

Oklahoma is no stranger to devastating tornadic events, even tornadoes tracking through populated areas. In fact, the tragic tornado which swept through Moore, OK, Monday afternoon followed a path nearly parallel to the May 3, 1999 tornado which caused so much devastation 16 years ago.

Enter the crazy left

But for some reason, Piers Morgan and Bill Nye saw the tragic deaths of my neighbors as an opportunity to promote their environmental agenda. All they were doing was speculating, but speculation is enough to plant ideas in the minds of viewers, who then treat those speculations as facts.

I mean, if climate change actually had something to do with this, that’s one thing, but the May 3rd tornado prior to this 10 years of “the warmest years recorded.” Never mind that we’ve had tornadoes long before that as well. Somehow because this fits into their agenda, our lives and property are now agents of their speculation.

Just stop it, Piers Morgan! Mr. Nye, I loved your show as a kid, please go back to being a scientist, not a pundit. You made science so interesting and exciting for me. If climate change science is real, then keep inspiring children to be scientists, and the theories will take care of themselves.

There is as of this moment zero science to link Monday’s tornadoes to climate change. In Oklahoma, we call this phenomenon “weather.”

That is all. May God be with those affected by this horrible event.

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