SATURDAY, APRIL 20, 2013, OKLAHOMA CITY: Thousands of GOP activists gather today at the 2013 Oklahoma State Republican Convention. The party will elect a new Chair and Vice-chair, as well as adopting platform and rule changes submitted by committee and the delegation.

This page will update throughout the day with developments from the convention, including election results. Also check my Twitter profile @FoaRyan for more updates and details.

5:20: The convention has adjourned.

5:00: The rules amendments have all been voted on. Some passed and some did not; the results will be in the after-the-convention report to be posted later. The adoption of the platform, and any additional amendments to it, are up for discussion, debate, and vote now.

2:55: With the votes on chair and vice-chair complete, the convention moves on to rule change resolutions. There are five proposed rule changes, the first three of which were passed by county conventions last year but not discussed due to the state convention being shut down before all business was finished.

2:30: Votes for vice-chair are in, with 37% for Engle, 20% for Crosswhite-Hader, and 43% for Odom. No candidate has 50% of the vote, so there will be a runoff. Denise Crosswhite-Hader is eliminated, and after voting on the remaining candidates Engle and Odom, Sara Jo Odom is the winner with 60% of the vote.

1:30: Three candidates will give their nomination speeches for the vice-chair position, Richard Engle, Denise Crosswhite-Hader, and Sara Jo Odom.

1:15: After breaking for lunch, the convention chair gave Matt Pinnell and Pam Pollard time to speak to the delegation, giving their departing remarks as chair and vice-chair of the state party. Pam challenged delegates to get to know their local and national representatives on a personal level. Pinnnell has accepted a position offered to him by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, called the RNC State Party Director, and will work with state party chairmen to coordinate and strengthen efforts.

12:30: Votes have been counted, and Dave Weston wins the chairmanship, 730 to 475. Votes are weighted to account for situations such as not all delegates from a county being present, and that makes the calculated vote total 1115.5 to  726.8, Weston, or 60.54% to 39.46%.

12:00: The candidates for Oklahoma Republican Party Chair have given their speeches, and voting is now being explained. Next update will include the results.

Dave Weston and Amanda Teegarden

Dave Weston (left), and Amanda Teegarden (right), candidates for Oklahoma State Republican Chair

11:35: Rules Report. A number of rule changes were submitted in the Rules Report, including one which was not voted on at the 2012 convention due to it being shut down before the business was finished. This report passed very clearly with a voice vote. Gus Blackwell was nominated by Chairman Matt Pinnell to be the convention chair and was elected with a strong voice majority as well.

11:20: After the break, motion for an amendment to the preliminary credentials report was made, which engendered 3 minutes of debate on both sides. Those against the amendment argued that people should have been at the convention earlier. Those arguing for the amendment gave examples of county chairs, nursing mothers, and other extenuating circumstances, lobbying that these were legitimate reasons and that an exception should be made. The motion failed by a somewhat close voice vote, but the total number of authorized delegates was increased to 1,227 due to corrections from the preliminary report.

10:45: The credentials report is ready and being read. The preliminary total number of delegates (before any amendments) is 1,222 out of 2,000 that were authorized. The number is lower because not all showed up, some were late, and there may be some other disputes to the total number. There is a 5-minute break before any voting on the credentials report will take place.

9:45: It looks like the first dispute of the day will be over credentials. Some who arrived after 9 o’clock will have to petition to be accepted.


Matt Pinell and Pam Pollard

Matt Pinnell (left) and Pam Pollard, the outgoing Oklahoma Republican Chair and Vice-chair

Matt Pinnell called the convention to order shortly after 9 AM and introduced US Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) to speak to the convention. Inhofe addressed many issues, and announced that an amendment he introduced passed the Senate, which will prevent a UN Arms Treaty from passing. The treaty would place restrictions on Second Amendment rights in the United States.

The candidates for chair are Dave Weston and Amanda Teegarden; and for vice chair, Richard Engle, Denise Crosswhite-Hader, and Sara Jo Odom.