Goodnight, Twitter. The slightly-longer-than-a-tweet end of the day thought from me, @FoaRyan. Tonight’s topic: Apple’s Support Model. And it’s a little longer than the standard “Goodnight” message.

Apple’s support model is successful: they intimidate you to the point you don’t ask for support. No, seriously – have you ever been to an Apple store? It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, the place is packed to fire code. There’s a bouncer at the front who gets to decide if you’re worthy to talk to a ‘genius,’ who likely has less education than you do yourself, and most of the time the problem is your fault or not their concern. (In my case my 10-month warranty was 3 days expired, otherwise they’d be happy to fix their manufacturer’s defect – who has a 10-month warranty, anyway?!)

Think you’ll bypass the line and check out the support forums instead? Think again! It’s even more likely to be something you’re doing wrong, and not their amazing impeccable product. When I do actually find my issue addressed, it’s usually 20 pages of a high-ranking forum member attacking the validity of the asker’s question, as opposed to addressing the possibility that something could be wrong with Apple.

I used to be a huge, big-time Apple fan. But times are changing, I suppose, and all good things must someday come to an end. Just like this day, which is now over. I hope Apple regains some of what it has lost, even before we all lost Steve Jobs. The world needs a successful alternative to Microsoft, if for no other reason than healthy competition.