twitter.comTwitter has added a setting that disables location service (by default), and additionally can now remove all previously recorded locations. Way to go for privacy, Twitter! This is a good practice for the web to be adopting.

Facebook automatically enables location services unless you turn them off. With the mobile messaging app for Facebook, if you want to choose which messages you use the service on (say, when your overbearing girlfriend wants to track your every move), you have to intentionally disable it for each conversation. There is no option to disable it by default, then enable on a specific conversation if you choose. What Twitter has done is basically that, plus the retroactive option.

Privacy is more important than ever, but for some reason many people still seem to forget about protecting their own information online. There are a lot of reasons why you should protect your confidential information all the time. Even if you trust the person you may be sharing your whereabouts with, cell phones are stolen every day. Many of these cell phones have either no security, or are easily bypassed.

Be on guard for your own privacy! And go Twitter!