Official Portrait of Senator Rand PaulSince the loss of a second presidential election in a row, the Republican Party has been forced to reevaluate itself and its image. It is going through an identity crisis of sorts, and as a result a few names are coming to the surface as potential new leaders of the party.

Rand Paul has been one of the strongest competitors for this title, as far as I can see. He has mainstream appeal, and the appeal of the less-than mainstream Ron Paul movement. I say less-than not because it is insignificant, but because by and large the movement could still be considered isolated, at times. Though some make accusations of vote rigging and other shenanigans (and believe me, there are a lot of shenanigans), I think the main reason we didn’t wind up with a Paul on the GOP ticket last November is because the people that make up the Republican Party for whatever reason did not side with Ron Paul and the liberty movement.

That all might be changing, however, with the son of the famous Texas Congressman quickly rising to the national spotlight. This week he performed an actual filibuster in the Senate, and drew quite a bit of support with him, including Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and even one Democrat Senator. At the same time, however, there is quite a bit of opposition from within the Republican Party. Gretta Van Susteren had a pretty good interview with Senator Paul about the filibuster, along with its victory for liberty and the critics calling it unnecessary.

The Son of Liberty?

From time to time, Rand Paul gets heavy criticism from some of his father’s supporters. There are Libertarians who love him, and those who hate him. Likewise in the Republican Party opinions quickly formed about Rand Paul. In fact, it would seem that the Ron Paul movement is as divided over his son as on abortion, immigration, or Israel (and more recently, apparently horses have become controversial).

This filibuster, for me, shows that Rand has the leadership necessary to lead the party, and the country. He didn’t appear to be there because some party boss told him to, or really even for the publicity. He had the support of Marco Rubio, when some see Rubio in competition with Paul. Before, during, and after, he has behaved like a president, when many politicians behave like children.

There has been positive reception on the Daily Paul, a Ron Paul supporter forum. CNN also sees this as a point-scorer for Rand. Those who are critical of him right now seem to be the “old guard” Republicans who are often referred to as the establishment. My take is simply this, Rand Paul has something for Ron Paul supporters, TEA Party people, and the Republican Party as a whole. If every member of the Senate would be more like Senator Paul, we wouldn’t have much to complain about in terms of liberty. I think the bashing should end, and we should all be open to considering the man and his ideals. He may just be liberty’s best shot.