There is some good news today about guns and gun control, if you are a gun rights activist. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced an assault weapons ban will not be part of gun control legislation to be considered in the US Senate. Democrat Dianne Feinstein has strongly advocated banning semiautomatic pistols and rifles with certain military characteristics, but Reid does not believe a bill would pass the Senate with the ban as a part of it. Senator Reid whose constituency in Nevada isĀ  is also a member of the National Rifle Association. Feinstein’s version of a gun control bill would tighten restrictions put in place by the 1994 assault weapons ban as well as ban 157 specifically named firearms.

shooting range in oklahoma cityIn Oklahoma, there are two gun-related stories going on. One good, and one tragic. The first, an apparent suicide, took place Monday at H & H Gun Range in Oklahoma City, where a 25-year-old man named Nijim Dabbour rented a gun from the store, and is believed to have tragically shot himself in the head while in the firing range. He was taken to the OU Medical Center, where he later died.

The other gun story took place this morning in Tulsa, where a man shot a pit bull attacking two ladies who had knocked on the door of the dog’s owner. Apparently the man heard the struggle from across the street, drew the dog away from the women, and then shot it. The women are in an area hospital in critical condition from the wounds the pit bull gave them. If they survive and recover, this man will be responsible for saving both of their lives.

Two Outcomes, One Weapon

I find it interesting that in two days, two guns make headlines, both in Oklahoma, one resulting in the loss of life, and the other which may result in the saving of two. Being a news piece, this isn’t meant to be a “see I told you” remark about gun legislation. However, the point must be made that the same weapon that can take innocent life can also protect that same innocent life. If the man only had a knife, he could have still killed the dog, but would be much more likely to have been injured in the process. In fact, one blog reported the owner of the dog was present and had a baseball bat, but could not stop the dog’s attack. The shooter apparently handled the situation quite well, and likely has had regular practice, judging from the fact that he fired only one shot, killed the dog, and missed the women.

The expression “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” comes to mind as in the tragic suicide, a man found a way to kill himself. Yet one day later, another man used the exact same weapon and managed to stop a killer.



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