Oklahoma Republican lightning bangRepresentative Sally Kern has apparently filed a bill that would prohibit doctors from asking patients whether they own a firearm. Good for her. Well, sort of. It’s an attempt to block a potential federal regulation that would require doctors to ask their patients whether they have a firearm at home, in certain situations.

I’m not sure we need a law banning doctors from asking any questions. If anything, we need a law exempting doctors from being forced to ask questions should any federal legislation instruct them to do otherwise. But don’t we already have a Second Amendment that takes care of that?

I believe the appropriate response if your doctor asks you whether you own a firearm would be, “Do you?” Plus, what can they do, if you decline to answer? You don’t have to answer that question if a police officer asks you, so why should you if your doctor does?

I’m still looking for the bill number, but it’s supposed to be voted on next Tuesday, according to all the news articles I’m finding on the legislation.