A band I’ve really wanted to hear a full album from since discovering them has released their first full-length album! Atlas Genius came out with an EP last year, whose decently successful song “Trojans” almost topped the Alternative chart on Billboard. From South Africa, they have a very unique sound.

The album is called “When It Was Now,” which seems to at least in part be a reference to the trending of 1980s New Wave influence on current alternative rock, and on this album. My one complaint is that without the 3 remixes, there are only 11 songs, and that just means they’ve left me wanting more. Sounds pretty good, check them out.

A few favorites from the album:

  • Trojans (of course)
  • On a Day
  • If So
  • Trojans Lenno Remix

And one more band I’m really happy to be listening to new material from this year is The Joy Formidable. If you like Atlas Genius you’ll probably like them as well. Enjoy!