mobile theme back onlineStandard Excellence has gone through a lot of changes in the last year. Originally a practically oriented “for men” blog, it became a political news and opinion journal when crazy infighting began in the Republican party last year. As time has gone on and political news becomes less in the forefront for a while, I have also added a section dealing with music, technology, and trends I see in the world.

At the same time I have been working to improve the look and functionality of the website so that it can grow with the blog. I noticed traffic coming in from mobile platforms more frequently, and realized my website did not read well on cell phones. To accommodate an audience I was probably missing a chance to reach, I found a WordPress plugin that could generate a mobile site automatically. (Standard Excellence is powered by

When I implemented a new front page design, the tables did not display well on cellular devices, even with the mobile theme plugin, so I had to deactivate it. This week I made the necessary changes to create another front page formatted for cell phones and reactivated the plugin.

So once again, Standard Excellence can be comfortably viewed from your iPhone, Android, tablet device, or desktop or laptop computer. Welcome back!