When it comes to politics, I tend to put people in categories. There are conservatives and liberals, of course, but I have some other descriptions that help me identify those I interact with. Weird, I know, but it helps my little ADD brain.

So for starters, there’s the fiscal conservative, which is a pretty common term. I myself am one of them. These people are not necessarily conservative in other areas, but most of them are, at least around my part of the country. Our main concern is that Washington get it’s financial house in shape, and other hot issues may have less significance with us. You know, “It’s the economy, stupid.” But that’s not to say all fiscal conservatives are alike. In fact, when the TEA Party thing started out, it was composed of both Democrats and Republicans. Whatever happened to him since then, who knows, but Harry Reid himself once spoke in favor of auditing the Federal Reserve Bank.

Another one I use a lot is the immigration liberal. Living in Oklahoma, about half of my neighbors are Hispanic, and half that I know personally are actually from Mexico. That’s probably the most frequent vacation destination among my friends. But, back on point, these are the people who don’t want illegal immigrants deported. One reason is that so many of them are from are from Mexico, have family in Mexico, or both. They don’t have the same view of the country as many other Americans. To someone with no ties to our Southern neighbor, it’s a 3rd world country. To many, it’s Home. My personal recently-made-up solution to immigration reform is pretty good, I think: we can “punish” illegal immigrants from Mexico with 30 days community service, and then allow them to apply for visas. They don’t have to get deported, and they don’t have to become citizens. Why does everyone think all of them have to become US citizens?

Sometimes I just think I can save the world…

So it’s not just conservative or liberal, because the first group could also be in the second group. That’s two for tonight. Maybe each Friday I will talk about “People, you got the different kinds.” That was a No Doubt reference. In case you didn’t catch it. Gwen Stefani, 90’s. Ska, never mind.