Nintendo Duck Hunt GunSo everybody’s talking about guns these days. Getting more or or getting rid of more. I think we should all want to get rid of more. After all, stocking up on firearms is kind of a sign you’re going to use them. Most people don’t buy guns just to look at, you know.

Everybody seems to have an opinion, which is usually the case in America, and as usual, we all think the other side are stupid for having their opinion. It’s become like a tradition, really. So ideally, both sides are ultimately for a decrease in gun violence, right? So we should both be acting in efforts to reduce crime.

Last week, someone asked me why I haven’t said anything about gun control, since I do typically address things like this. Reluctantly, I will give my opinion, but not without explaining why I’m all too concerned about it.

Here I Stand

As someone who has been robbed and burglarized, and as I found out recently also a victim of larceny on the count of $700, I feel like it’s okay for me to have an opinion and not be judged for it. Plus, even if you do judge me just click on one of the banner ads before you leave, it’ll make my day.

So, officially, on the record, I am… not entirely sure what my position is. Okay, but seriously I’m not 100% on this. I really believe in the right to bear arms, but at the same time I don’t believe in the right to bear atomic warheads. How would you like your next door neighbor to be performing nuclear fission experiments in their back yard at night? So though I do believe in gun rights, I don’t necessarily believe in unlimited gun/weapon rights. But still, I don’t believe simply passing stronger laws will really help us. People who are going to shoot other people aren’t stopped by a sign that says no guns. And if you think they are, I’m not hiring you to be my bodyguard!

Now Relax

In the end, both sides are going to get what they want, and that’s why I’m not too worried right now. Gun control people are going to get a weapons ban or stricter gun laws of some sort. You can count on that. But, gun rights people are still going to have their guns. I’m also not worried, because at the rate Congress accomplishes things lately, there may not be another gun law passed in my lifetime. Let them “do something,” which will probably be mostly meaningless, and then move on to immigration.

If background checks make it harder to get a gun, you’re not going to find me complaining about it. Just like even though I don’t like getting my identification recorded to get pseudoephedrine, I do like my neighbor’s house not blowing up.