A while back I wrote about reviving my old website’s news section and making it part of Standard Excellence. It’s been a long time since I kept my Tripod page up to date (as well as my DeviantArt page), but had never found a way to keep the site idea going. I used to keep the world informed of all my tech projects and random ideas. Pictures from computer upgrades and mods, audio equipment, video games, good stuff. It was great. Meanwhile here on the late great Standard Excellence, I was all but running out of things to write about and needed a boost of inspiration.

The Tripod site had a news section, which I proudly proclaimed to be the blog from before the word blog. And still do. Say what, Al Gore?! I sort of started to move that blog here, but now it’s time to bring it into full swing. For now, we’re giving it a codename until I can settle on something permanent. Presenting, Rings of Saturn. Inspired by Sega, and caffeine.

On the Front Burner

So what am I currently brainstorming? I want some YouTube videos, definitely. Reviews of tech-y products I buy. New music I think is cool. Universe-shattering scientific revelations. There will probably be at least one picture of a cat.

As a teenager my friends and I made videos with our then state-of-the art Super 8mm cameras. Now I have a 1080p digital camcorder. When I was a teenager I wrote reviews for a UK video game website, now I have my own website! Then I had like 20 bucks. Now I have a JOB!! Oh the possibilities…

Sample Photos for News Cast

I hope to bring you some interesting things to read and see along the way. Look out 2013. Rings of Saturn comin’ at ya!