Happy New Year! This is my first since November, not counting the post announcing this post. I have a little news and opinion to catch up, and a fairly big announcement about the website!

So this article is going to be in the form of  a Q & A with… well, myself. (Why, yes, they do happen to be my own questions.)

Questions and Answers

Q: Where have you been the last couple of months?!

A: I have not posted much content on the site in a while, since about Thanksgiving. This has mostly been due to busyness in my personal life. Standard Excellence is for the most part a one-man operation, though my friends help me in many ways, so when I don’t have time to write articles and attend events, the whole thing tends to come grinding to a halt. That’s no good!

At the same time, this short sabbatical has given me time to think about the overall direction of Standard Excellence, and I have also had a chance to evaluate what I have done to date.

Q: How long has Standard Excellence ben around, anyhow, and how has it grown?

A: Standard Excellence first came online in September 2010 as a sub-site on another domain, also mine. I was experimenting with WordPress, a fast-rising (and now dominating) open-source CMS for building websites. WordPress is traditionally a blogging application, but now powers some of the most popular websites on the internet (including CNN and the Wall Street Journal blogs). The first idea I had for the website was a sort of resource for men, like a what-to-do in certain situations kind of thing. I had what I felt were a few good ideas for it, but they all lacked passion. I felt as though I was writing an instruction manual, but at the same time everything was so subjective.

I posted content periodically, but never did much with it. In 2012 I began to get involved in the political party process, attending precinct meetings and conventions. There’s a lot of ridiculous things that happen in politics, at all levels, and as I involved myself, I had more that I felt just had to be written about. After the Oklahoma State Republican Convention in May, I couldn’t hold in what happened, and thus gave my account here. A day or so afterwards, to my great surprise, suddenly my site had thousands of hits in one day! Before I might get like 20 spider hits (has to do with search engines) and that would be an average day. The most I had seen before was maybe 100 pageviews.

The Big Announcement

Q: So what is this big announcement you’ve been playing up?

A: Well, for a while, even during not-so-slow news times, I have had quite a challenge pushing out content as frequently as I’d like to. The big announcement is about that. There are some other things, though, that I am planning for this year in order to enhance the site/blog. First off, there is some graphic design in the works (or soon to be, that is) that will help complete the look on Standard Excellence. That way, I can also have consistent branding from here to the Facebook page, and anywhere else I may have the name attached.

I’ve thought for a while, about what the next step will be for the site, and have decided that the next step is a new section or column. Now in addition to a “News” section and “Opinion,” there will also be a third area on the front page for technology related posts. I’m not 100% sure what this will be called yet, as there are a few naming options, but the general idea is articles about tech-related things. My perspectives on everything from trends in information technology to the latest shiny cool thing I’ve discovered. This will be a mixture of newsy and opiniony pieces, also giving me further opportunity to blur the lines between the two styles.

Another subject I’d like to include in this section is music. Music is a passion I have had throughout my whole life. I have played instruments since I was 13, and have always loved local music. Plus, technology bleeds right into the music world, whether it’s the invention of the electric guitar or albums recorded, mixed, and mastered all on a MacBook. Since Standard Excellence is primarily a Dallas/Fort Worth and Oklahoma related website, it makes perfect sense to me to also talk about our local music. This is definitely going to be only Oklahoma at first, but I also plan to talk about music more broadly, and about the music industry as well.

So there you have it, back to business, technology, music. The Big Announcement. This could also include many YouTube videos. There are a number of other possibilities I have in mind for this year, and I can’t wait to get started on them! So check back often, like the Facebook page, subscribe to the YouTube channel, tell all your friends, and shower me with Starbucks gift cards.