Old blown speakers in a wooden speaker boxAt the end of 2012 I put together a playlist to celebrate the New Year with. I’m a bit of a music junkie / audiophile, and I make playlists on Spotify to satisfy my moods. It’s a pretty neat tool, really, because unlike Pandora and iHeartRadio, you can choose  specific songs you want to listen to. So my end-of-year playlist, Underwater, became a sort of musical journal for 2012, and I had a lot of fun making it.

Now it’s January, and I’d like to make this a regular thing, to introduce music I think is good. New music, themes, forgotten sounds, industry related things. For this month, here is “January Jams.” With some new songs, and some that have been around, it feels a little bit like 1983. These are the sounds that are bringing me into 2013.

January Jams

Kicking it off is Mumford and Sons’ The Cave from their first album. I have a few double features for some artists like Imagine Dragons and the Lumineers. Those are two bands I’m really excited about and can’t wait to hear what they come up with next. Imagine Dragons has one of the most innovative and catchy sounds I’ve heard in a while.

Another band on the list whose first album I am anxiously awaiting is Atlas Genius, who released an EP with 4 songs last year, and have announced a full album coming in February.

I’m already working on a playlist for next month. I don’t know if I will produce one every single month, but you can look forward to at least several I already have in mind for this year, starting with January Jams. If you like the songs and use Spotify yourself, you can also subscribe to the playlist and make me very happy!