More on this later. So far its 3 for 3 on my local conservative talk station. Beck, Hannity, and Limbaugh have all decided not to admit the possibility that Republicans lost yesterday because they didn’t have a good candidate.

As a Republican myself, I admit this. My state admitted this in the primary, as ours was won by Rick Santorum. But somehow, none of the so-called conservative talking heads seem to be able to figure out that putting yet another wishy-washy pseudo moderate¬† still isn’t working for the party.

I tend to think a true fiscal conservative (and not a VP candidate who voted for the bail outs but campaigned against them) would have had a better chance regardless of being liberal or conservative in other areas. I have so much that I want to let out – news coverage analysis, what went right/wrong, strategy for the future – but that will have to wait for tonight and the coming days.

Tonight: my analysis of the analyses of election coverage. It’s a 3-way race between CNN, Fox, and MSNBC. I will declare a winner.