I am, and have been a Republican since I turned 18 and registered to vote. In 2009 I began to get involved in my party at the state level, understanding that the party represents me, an American citizen, and that it is individuals who decide the direction of the party.

Oklahoma State GOP Convention

2012 Oklahoma Republican State Convention, held in Norman, OK


I am now 26 years old, and was honored to be a delegate to my state convention this year. I worked hard, investing time and money to do this, so that I might, alongside my fellow men and women, make my voice known and help shape the course of this nation. However, throughout this process, all the way up to the Republican National Convention, time after time I witnessed (either personally, or by watching firsthand video and reading firsthand accounts) the party leadership usurp the people and break its own rules in order to achieve its agenda.

Then at the very end, a select few committee members choose to change rules so that the vote of the people is bypassed. Every member of the party ought to be outraged and demand justice in this matter.

The very nature of the United States tells us that governments are instituted in order to protect the rights of governed. If the leadership of a political party representing nearly half of this nation is not accountable to its members, there is no end to damage that could be done. It’s not just the Ron Paul supporters who are disenfranchised; it’s the TEA Party, and any other American who would wish to exercise his or her rights.

If you, too, are concerned by all of this, I strongly encourage you to contact every Republican leader you can, from the county level up, and inform them of what has taken place if they do not already know. If they do know, ask what they have done to reverse this, or if not why not? If they do not see this as a problem, then find someone to take their place. The rule changes and blatant disregard for existing rules in multiple states and ultimately the RNC affects all of us. It affects the country our children will inherit. We must not let this slide.

Some people I know are upset to the point of leaving the party and going independent or joining another party. I have no intention to tell anyone else what to do – I believe in personal liberty – but may I submit that it is in our best interest to remain in the GOP. If we leave now, more power goes to those who would use it for their own gain. Our nominee is now officially Mitt Romney, and I do not advocate abandoning him at the ballot box in November. The consequences of doing such would be far more powerful and destructive than any message it might send. I believe our battle will be won from the ground up, not the top down.

To the Republican establishment, I have one thing to say: My name is Ryan Hill, I am a Ron Paul Republican, and I am here to stay.