Protesters in front of Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, TXStandard Excellence took a little road trip to Dallas this weekend to cover what could have potentially been a large protest in front of the Dallas Frederal Reserve Bank. Unfortunately, it turned out that the larger protests took place in other cities across the nation, as on September 22 a nationwide “End the Fed” protest was organized in front of every FRB in the country.

Around 15 people were present when we arrived on the scene, and while no speakers had been scheduled this time, other locations included Chris Duane of Sons of Liberty Academy and Luke Rudkowksi of at the New York City rally. Nationwide organizer Michael Heise spoke in Philadelphia, PA, and several locations also had live music at gatherings after their local rallies.

Though the protest was small in Dallas, it highlights a still important issue that affects all Americans today. Since the Federal Reserve Bank was created in 1913, it has had control over all US currency. The bank is not a federal institution, but rather a private bank commissioned by the US government with the task of printing our paper money and coin, as well as helping to stabilize inflation and economic ups and downs. This may not seem like a problem to the average person because it is the only monetary system we have likely been exposed to in this country, but there are other systems that have been used throughout history. The United States, for example, has not always run under a monopolized banking system. The Second Bank of the United States held a federal charter from 1817-1836, and there was a period after this time in which only states chartered banks. This was not really a good situation either, because so many of these banks failed. The central banking system as we know it today is the eventual result of tightening regulations on monetary policy in the country.

If you’re bored, you can read about US banking history, too.

 Side Notes

Though not many were in attendance Saturday, two candidates for Texas office were present, John Jay Myers and Seth Hollist. Myers the Libertarian candidate for US Senate, running against Republican Ted Cruz and Democrat Paul Sadler. Kay Bailey Hutchison currently holds the seat and is retiring after 18 years in office. She was the first woman from the state of Texas elected to the US Senate. Hollist is also a Libertarian candidate, running for Texas Congressional District 32 (NE Dallas area).

I was able to get a video interview with both John Jay Myers and Seth Hollist. In the interviews, I asked them to explain what they were doing at the protest, and also to let viewers know what they stand for as candidates. The videos will be up on Standard Excellence and our YouTube channel later this week.