Before you decide how to vote this November, please consider the following.

With the convention still being fresh on everyone’s mind, I’m sure some of our ideas may change or solidify over the next couple of weeks concerning how or if to vote in November.

I can’t tell anyone how to vote — and by the way, neither does Dr. Paul. He doesn’t tell people NOT to vote for Romney, nor does he tell them TO vote for him or anyone else — but I would submit that other Republican Liberty candidates will suffer in the wake of a Romney defeat.

That’s not to say anything at all about the Romney-Ryan ticket, but just a mere reminder that historically, the entire party suffers in a presidential year when their presidential candidate loses. The question we must all answer individually is, do we want to cause other Liberty candidates to lose as a result of our actions? I can’t answer that for you, and you can’t answer that for me.

We must each decide for ourselves how we will vote. It’s what Ron Paul would have us to do. It’s what we ought to do. May we all spend time in prayer and/or deliberation before coming to a final decision. Then may we continue to work TOGETHER as a group for the cause of Liberty.

Peace, Love, and Revolution from Oklahoma.

(Originally posted on the Daily Paul website.)