Paul Ryan speaks to Texas RepublicansReports starting coming in Friday night that widely presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney would announce his Vice President pick Paul Ryan Saturday morning. And that he did. The news has probably circulated the whole nation by now. Just about everyone seems to think this election is a pretty important one. A lot of people are very frustrated with the current political landscape, on both sides.

Rachel Maddow (@maddow on Twitter) referred to Paul Ryan as an August, dividing vice-presidential choices into three categories: Augusts, Novembers, and Januaries. A January would be someone to help build the presidency and the nation, a November would be someone to help win the election, and an August is someone you pick when there’s trouble in your own party, and you’re trying to win the support from within. This is just my opinion but Mitt Romney has a lot of work to do on building support from within his own party. At first I thought it was just the Ron Paul supporters (who number in the millions), but apparently Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum loyalists are also dissatisfied with their seemingly inevitable nominee.

There may yet be something to be seen from the core Ron Paul supporters who are delegates to the Republican National Convention in a couple of weeks, and I do not know what that is, but whatever it is, it’s something significant. How do I know? The Romney campaign is actively and persistently pursuing any means of barring Ron Paul supporters from their convention. At one point they would not even allow a rally to honor the Doctor’s legacy to take place in the city of Tampa, having rented rights to the entire public domain. In more recent weeks there have been reports of delegates forced to sign affidavits in which they swear to vote for Mitt Romney. The campaign even targeted delegates in Maine, attempting to disqualify all but one of their delegation.

Needless to say, Mr. Romney’s VP pick is one of the most crucial decisions of his campaign at this point. A season in which the GOP started out chanting, “Obama Must Go!” now seems to carry a tune more akin to “Replace Obama with someone better.” In my personal dealings, I have yet to meet anyone who is actually enthusiastic about Mitt Romney. Maybe it’s because I’m only a middle-class citizen, and all I know are others struggling to keep things going. I have like 10 businesses I’m ready to start at a moment’s notice, but nobody has any money to spend right now, it seems. All I know is, the refusal of our representatives to collectively handle our nation’s immediate threats is about as close to destroying this nation as it can get before the whole thing starts snowballing.

I’m a conservative in many areas, but I work with my liberal and conservative friends alike for the future of this nation. We can talk about what method is best to support the poor and how to handle social issues another time, but right now we are about to go bankrupt. Whatever happens in Tampa, and whatever happens this November, we must all work together as Americans to restore our nation.

Anyhow, since you brought him up, here’s Paul Ryan. I got to hear him speak at the Texas GOP Convention in June.