If you frequent the Twitterspehere (is that a word?), lately you’ve probably seen some mostly ornery hashtags (# trends) that are slogans poking and jabbing at the Republican National Convention. I’ve seen them to, and come up with a few of my own. I can rarely ignore any form of sarcasm, and in this case a lot of the criticisms happen to be quite accurate.

Here are some favorite tongue-in-cheek mottos that I’ve made up or seen around online. #RNCConventionSlogans

From Me

  • “We’re all totalitarians now.”
  • “Cheating our way to the White House.”
  • “Rules? We don’t need no stinking rules!”
  • “Pay no attention to the man behind the teleprompter.”
  • “Pretending we’re all like Reagan”
  • “Liberty should have a price, just like any other commodity we trade on Wall Street.”

From Others

  • @Dirk21: #rncconventionslogans “We started this recession, let us finish it.”
  • @gnuman1979: If you thought we were crazy before, you ain’t seen nothin yet. #RNCconventionSlogans
  • @BubbyKatz: Exporting American Democracy everywhere our military can reach.#RNCconventionSlogans
  • @buybk Your Net Worth Must Be THIS HIGH To Enter #RNCconventionSlogans
  • @RafalcaRomney: – #RNCconventionSlogans You Gotta Fight For Your White Tea Party

Must say I do love the Beastie Boys reference. Of course I would argue that I have seen more diversity in my friends in the Republican Party than anywhere else. The only problem is that we are by and large disenfranchised from the rest of the party. We are here to stay, however. Americans are waking up and realizing both parties have stolen our liberty, and it must be restored to us. Enjoy watching the convention(s)! After all, if you’re going to fight for your freedom, you might as well have some fun doing it, right?

From You?

Got any of your own #RNCconventionSlogans? I’d love to hear your best! Leave them for everyone to see in a comment below.