While many people likely were just getting out of bed for a typical weekend, hundreds gathered at the Oklahoma State Capitol to rally for freedom. The Rally for Healthcare Independence was put on by the Oklahoma Tenth Amendment Center in just over a week, following the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold the President’s trademark healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare.” The purpose of this rally was to unite and inform concerned citizens, some feeling helpless now that the law was validated.

Today’s rally was held at the south steps of the Capitol building in Oklahoma City. News Radio 1000 KTOK’s Reid Mullins was master of ceremonies for the event, introducing speakers and reading portions of our founding Documents between speeches. More than 300 people gathered to attend this gathering.

Crowd at Oklahoma State Capitol

Over 300 in attendance at Rally for Healthcare Independence


The event started just after 9:00 AM with an opening prayer, followed with a speech by Pastor Dan Fisher of Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon, OK. He made mention of near-record low turnout at the recent Oklahoma primary elections, but that recent events including the Supreme Court decision are now bringing Oklahomans together. According to Fisher, people need to stop vying for the spotlight in political events and come together. Crowd Gathers at Oklahoma Rally for Healthcare IndependenceSamuel Adams of the late 18th Century warned about this moment, “If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” He concluded telling the crowd that government cannot solve the problems in America today, nor can the crowd, nor a president, nor any other. The only one who can solve the problems we face today is the Supreme Judge of all the Earth, in Fisher’s words.

Next was Edmond pastor Paul Blair, who spoke on our form of government being based on the Bible. Blair educated the crowd about natural law, which is a concept that certain truths form a sort of automatic, logical system of laws based on the idea that there is a God. This legal concept was prominent during the day in which our US Constitution was drafted. He said that the federal government is now assuming authority that does not belong to it, including the control of the bodies of individual citizens. “The most precious of your private property is your person. And when the government assumes the authority and responsibility over your body, then they have gained control over your body. America was built on a government that serves the people under the authority of almighty God. Tyranny is when the people are the property of the government, and the government becomes God.” He concluded by stating that the standard of truth and a foundation in America is natural law, and no human law can contradict natural law.

Toby Pedford speaks at rally at Oklahoma State CapitolToby Pedford, an Oklahoma Businessman, spoke on healthcare as it relates to the free market. He said that corporations are often in control of the government when politicians take money from the corporations in exchange for legislative favors. Obamacare, Pedford claims, was by and large not written by Democrats or Republicans, but by corporations. He also talked about the individual mandate which was ruled by the Supreme Court to be considered a tax. The Constitution, however, requires that Congress make no direct tax, or a tax on existence in other words. The example was given of income tax being a tax on activity. A citizen goes to work and exchanges hours of his or her life for a paycheck, which is then taxed by the government. The tax imposed by Obamacare is a tax on inactivity. It is in direct contradiction to what the founders had in mind.

On a practical note, Pedford informed the crowd that the federal government admits it does not have the money to set up the new insurance program, while instead, the free market has the answers. Additionally, the Affordable Care Act establishes a sort of ceiling. Once an American makes more than a certain amount of money, his or her taxes are increased in a number of ways unrelated to healthcare, including capital gains taxes.

Several other speakers spoke for the next hour, and the event concluded with the singing of “God Bless America.” A number of elected officials and candidates were in attendance at the rally today, including George Fraught, Oklahoma State Senator running for the 2nd Congressional seat, RJ Harris, an independent candidate running for the 2th Congressional seat, and Nathan Dahm, who will face a runoff primary election for the Republican nomination for Oklahoma Senate district 33.

UPDATE: Another speaker of note was Jenni White, president of ROPE, who exhorted the crowd to meet with their elected representatives and get to know them while the legislature is not in session. She said to keep in touch with them during their next session and so they can know how their constituents feel about the bills they consider. White also noted that many officials, though they make their phone numbers available, do not receive many calls from constituents. ROPE, Restore Oklahoma Public Education, was founded in 2009 by Jenni White and Julie McKenzie with the mission of educating taxpayers about the goings on within Oklahoma public schools and a vision to restore the system to be more in keeping with the ideals advocated by our country’s Founders.

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