Texas Day 3: Arriving around 7:30 in downtown Fort Worth, day three began with congressional district meetings. These meetings dealt with the election of national delegates, elector, and their respective alternates. Each congressional district elected 3 delegates, similar to the manner in which Oklahoma elected its congressional delegates prior to its state convention.

In one district, 1 of 3 delegate positions was filled by a Ron Paul supporter, and the other two were Mitt Romney or “establishment” picks. This district also elected 2 alternates that were Ron Paul supporters, as well as its elector to the electoral college. Another CD meeting we attended did not elect any Ron Paul supporters. Grassroots organizer and Ron Paul supporter Jeremy Blosser ran for one of the positions. This vote was close, but ultimately he did not succeed in his election effort. Other delegates to the state convention reported 3 delegates and 2 alternates in one CD, and 2 delegates and 1 alternate in another. There are a total of 36 Congressional Districts in the state of Texas after redistricting this year. Some estimate a majority of 152 total delegates to the RNC were eventually filled by Ron Paul supporters, but many say no official number will be released in order to protect their identities in case the Republican establishment attempts to intimidate or otherwise quell their vote.

Lunch Again

At lunch I sat down with a lady eating by herself. We struck up a conversation in which I learned that she, like me, favored Rick Santorum at the first. Texas held its primary only a week or so ago due to complications arising from redistricting, so by the time its primary was held, only two candidates were still running. She did not explicitly state that she was a Ron Paul supporter, but seemed to heavily favor him. We talked for a while about party involvement and the future, and it was a good encouraging time for me.

1:00 PM. The convention was delayed until 1:30. Congressman Paul Ryan spoke for about 20 minutes to the general convention. Signs for Ted Cruz at 2012 Texas GOP ConventionTed Cruz had a time to speak, receiving an overwhelming amount of support from the convention, both by volume level and number of signs distributed. He is running for U. S. Senate. His opponent David Dewhurst also spoke, receiving some support, but far less than Cruz. He was also booed and heckled a bit. I actually felt bad for him, but if I could be candid about his speech, I would have to say if you can’t run on principle, tell a bunch of sob stories. And that he did. I do not know much of the difference between these two Texas candidates, but from what I understand Ted Cruz would be more of the TEA Party and/or Liberty backed candidate. They are in a race for a runoff primary.

The business of the afternoon was supposed to start around 3 PM, but due to 3 CD caucuses still holding their meetings, this was delayed until around 4:30. The business was finished around 5:30, and although I was already headed back home by that time, those who remained from the Liberty Live Stream Team told me that this last part of the convention went well and, like the rest of it, was conducted fairly.


LLST plus Ryan Hill of Standard ExcellenceAll in all, my personal experience with the Texas convention shines in sharp contrast to the events of the Oklahoma convention. The Texas chairman was fair and unbiased, whereas the chairman in Oklahoma appeared to operate on a predetermined agenda, not to be confused with the printed agenda of the meeting. Oklahoma must learn from Texas in this case. With any good fortune, the next time Oklahoma holds a state convention it will be conducted more like Texas. It was a good experience to see a Republican party that did not make me ashamed to be a Republican, as often is the case. A revolution must take place within the party nationwide, and it looks like this process has begun in the state of Texas.

I am very happy and proud to have worked with the Liberty Live Stream Team. All of us gave up our vacation time to attend this event, and came at our own expense. Thursday evening someone or some ones paid for and had pizza delivered to us who had been watching online. An additional chip-in was made to help fray some of the costs of this trip. I am so thankful for anyone who contributed in any way to this endeavor, and I am very proud of the Team! History will be written by those who show up!