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RJ Harris – Oklahoma 4th District Congressional Candidate

I ran into this article on the internet yesterday, and have told this man that if he is only one-fifth the character he appears to be, he has my full support. Please share this with your friends in Oklahoma’s 4th Congressional District. He is running against Tom Cole in the general election this November. Normally I focus on Republican candidates, and Mr. Harris ran as a Republican in 2010 for the same seat. I encourage you to visit his website and explore for yourself where you line up with this man. He is a true Constitutional conservative, and if that means anything at all to you he is worth your vote. The following is an article by him, also available on his website, about the issue of nullification. Prepare to be educated.

Repeal Obamacare and Restore Liberty Using Jury Nullification: by RJ Harris

Also available on the blog of RJ Harris 2012.

In the very near future you are going to be called to serve on a jury and asked by the government to convict and put in prison one of your fellow Americans for refusing to comply with the mandatory health insurance tax levied against all citizens for nothing more than being alive. By the way, if we can be taxed for merely existing that sounds like SLAVERY to me but I digress. What you may not know is that our Founding Fathers have provided We the People with the ability to VOTE NO against both the law and conviction based purely on our consciences alone. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rally for Religious Freedom

Oklahoma City. A rally was held at the COX Convention Center last Saturday afternoon. This was not a rally for any political candidate, though politicians were present. It was not an invitation to any church, though pastors, bishops, and religious groups were represented. This rally was one for a concept, a principle. The right of the people to freely practice their religion.

I made it to the event about 30 minutes late due to some unexpected automobile trouble. Pastors and politicians gave speeches. They represented, as did the audience, a variety of religious faiths all coming together, not to worship, but to stand for their right to continue to practice their different religions according to their own conscience. The audience consisted of men, women, and children of various faiths.

The main issue driving this rally was HHS Mandate, a mandate within the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare, which requires insurance companies to include coverage of contraceptive services. This would not necessarily be a problem in itself, but it happens that the Catholic church has openly opposed this mandate on the grounds that it violates their religious beliefs. Read the rest of this entry »

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Preview – Religious Freedom Rally

UPDATE: Congressman James Lankford (R, OK) will be among the speakers at this event. Lankford is the 5th Congressional District Representative for the state of Oklahoma, and is a member of the House Oversight Committee. This is his first term in the US House of Representatives. He also voted in favor yesterday of holding US Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of congress in that committee. He is known in the state of Oklahoma as an advocate of pro-life principles. His attendance was announced this morning on local news talk radio station 1000 KTOK.

This Saturday I will be covering Rally for Religious Freedom OKC, featuring several speakers on the subject of religious liberty. The list will include Oklahoma State Attorney General Scott Pruitt, who spoke at Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District GOP convention earlier this year. At the time he had just returned from Washington D. C. where he learned about the status of the legality of the legislation commonly known as Obamacare.

The main focus of this upcoming event will be on Obamacare, or properly, the Affordable Care Act. Recently it was discovered that as part of this new law, insurance companies would be required to provide policies that cover birth control procedures and medication. This poses a problem for certain faith-based organizations whose religious beliefs do not allow for such procedures. There are arguments on both sides of this issue, and the President has decided that even in spite of their objections, the Catholic church in particular must still comply with these new regulations. Read the rest of this entry »

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Product Review – Canon Powershot SX150 IS

This week I posted a review of the camera I primarily use for this blog. It is available on Canon’s website, but I thought I’d also make it available here. If you’re looking for a versatile point-and-shoot camera, this would be great for you. It is high quality and easy to use. For a more advanced user, however, you may want to consider an SLR camera, which would enable more manual control and interchangeable lenses. That said, with the fixed lens, it does have a 12x optical zoom.

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Gentlemen, Elect your Delegates

Texas Day 3: Arriving around 7:30 in downtown Fort Worth, day three began with congressional district meetings. These meetings dealt with the election of national delegates, elector, and their respective alternates. Each congressional district elected 3 delegates, similar to the manner in which Oklahoma elected its congressional delegates prior to its state convention.

In one district, 1 of 3 delegate positions was filled by a Ron Paul supporter, and the other two were Mitt Romney or “establishment” picks. This district also elected 2 alternates that were Ron Paul supporters, as well as its elector to the electoral college. Another CD meeting we attended did not elect any Ron Paul supporters. Grassroots organizer and Ron Paul supporter Jeremy Blosser ran for one of the positions. This vote was close, but ultimately he did not succeed in his election effort. Other delegates to the state convention reported 3 delegates and 2 alternates in one CD, and 2 delegates and 1 alternate in another. There are a total of 36 Congressional Districts in the state of Texas after redistricting this year. Some estimate a majority of 152 total delegates to the RNC were eventually filled by Ron Paul supporters, but many say no official number will be released in order to protect their identities in case the Republican establishment attempts to intimidate or otherwise quell their vote. Read the rest of this entry »

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Texas Day 2

People holding signs for Steve MunisteriFriday (day 2) started off early with the Senatorial district caucus meetings. In general session #2 there were also speeches by Senator Kay Baliey Hutchison, Senator John Cornyn, and Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst. Senator Hutchison is retiring from her career in the Senate, and was greeted with much applause. However, when she began speaking, she repeatedly referred to Mitt Romney as the party nominee and sang his praises, so-to-speak, to the loud dissent of (presumed) Ron Paul supporters. May I take the time to remind the readers that currently the Republican party does not have a presidential nominee. Granted, Mitt Romney is and has been the leader in both popular vote and delegate count, but he is not the nominee. The nominee is not chosen until August in Tampa, Florida when the RNC meets to vote on that matter. That aside, Kay Bailey Hutchison has served the state of Texas in the U. S. Senate since 1991 and was the first woman to be elected to the Senate from the state of Texas. Read the rest of this entry »

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