Ordinarily I don’t like to go public with my political opinions. On Facebook I don’t even state a preference. I don’t openly talk about the president unless I’m commenting on his tie or something that is generally neutral. My main reason for this behavior is simple: most of the time, in my experience, it seems that people have some sort of automatic switch that goes off in their brains when discussing politics – the anger switch. Even when someone agrees with me, it seems like they get mad, then I get mad, then both of our blood pressure levels rise above safe limits. Mainly for this reason I choose to keep my political opinions to myself most of the time.

A Grand Occasion

However, this eve happens to be the eve of Super Tuesday, the day upon which 10 of the 50 united States have a primary to choose a candidate to run for the office of the President of the United States, affectionately and often dubbed, the POTUS. This year, as all whose heads are not buried in iPhone-blocking compounds know, President Barack Obama will face reelection hopes as one major hopeful opponent takes him on for the office he now occupies. There are currently four candidates that I consider major. Here they are, in case you haven’t heard, each with a link to their campaign website:

Now, instead of spouting inflammatory remarks about one or more of these men in hopes to make them look worse than my personal favorite, let me say that I am prepared to put 100% of my support behind the one who is ultimately nominated. This is not because I think the president is incompetent, a bad person, or stupid. In fact, I think the president is probably one of the most intelligent individuals to hold the office, he is a strong family man from what I know and see, and furthermore he knows exactly what he is doing. That is precisely why I feel it is imperative that he does not receive a second term in office – he knows full well what he is doing. I am not using the typical talking points to explain this (i.e. under Bush the deficit for his 8 years in office was $2 Trillion, and in less than 4 years, Obama has managed to amass a deficit of $5.2 Trillion; Obama is weakening the military; etc.), but instead what I find most unacceptable about his administration.

Simply put, he does not believe in the same role of government that I believe in. I believe in a government that protects the God-given rights of its people. I believe in a government that protects the security of its people from foreign domination. I believe in a government that promotes the general welfare of its people by maintaining an environment that allows those people to trade and do business in fair and equitable ways. If you do not believe in that same type of government, that’s fine – it doesn’t make you a bad person, stupid, or incompetent. However, let me tell you a secret, you probably won’t be in favor of the same candidate that I am for! And that means regardless of your party affiliation.

Drum Roll, please!

All of that said, there is one candidate that I have found particularly favorable throughout the primary process. I have searched my conscience and found that voting for this candidate would not be a vote “against” someone else, nor would it be a vote of desperation, as to say that I couldn’t find anyone good, but I’ll settle for this one. This would be a vote for someone that I believe would be able to win the election in November, uphold the principles that I stated in the previous section, and govern well should he be put into office.

My endorsement, for whatever it may be worth, goes whole-heartedly, to none other than, Rick Santorum.

Some may argue, because I am of the Christian faith and am a Baptist by denomination, that I should vote for Ron Paul, because he is the only Baptist candidate. I would remind these people that Bill Clinton is a Baptist, and Ronald Regan was a Pentecostal (Church of God?). I am not against Mitt Romney because he is Mormon. I don’t really think that the candidate’s religion has a whole lot to do with his or her governing. This country was designed in such a way that its leaders could not impose their religious will upon the people. And may I remind you, our current president apparently does not regard that – he has chosen to impose his will and the will of his administration against the doctrine and/or practice of the Catholic church in an unprecedented way! Would it be nice if I agreed with the religious views of the president? Sure. Oh, by the way, President Obama is also a Baptist. I’ve watched sermons he has preached on YouTube.

The office of President is a political office. If I am to vote for a presidential candidate, I am voting for one with whom I agree politically. Briefly, now, what are the political agreements I have with Rick Santorum?

  • Right to Life – Rick Santorum believes in protecting unborn children. He has not (nor has any other Republican candidate) ever said that he does not believe in contraception. Anyone who tells you that is incorrect. What he is against is contraceptive service being provided by insurance companies at the command of the government. Big difference. One is freedom, the other is statism. One leaves the choice up to individuals who are free to decide. The other makes the choice for insurance companies, demanding that they WILL provide this service, whether they want to or not.
  • Second Amendment – right to arms. Mr. Santorum actively supports defending the right of Citizens of the U.S. to bear arms. Like it or not, it’s in the Constitution. This is a freedom that is actively under attack by many in Washington D. C. today, and it is a constant fight to retain this freedom.
  • Fiscal Conservatism – our national debt is more than $15 Trillion. Let me spell that out, $15,000,000,000,000.00. Let me spell that out, our country is so broke that the price of gasoline (or any other commodity, basically) is 20 times higher than it was 50 years ago. Santorum is proposing to cut the federal budget by $5 Trillion over 5 years, and proposes to re-propose the balanced budget amendment which he supported in the 1990s. Did he vote to raise the debt ceiling a few years ago? Yes. Was there a good reason? Good enough for me. Don’t forget about the thousands of people who were killed almost 11 years ago. Am I happy about this? No, but I allow for it.
  • He isn’t Barack Obama. I’m saying this one with a degree of sarcasm, but if you recall the 2008 election, one of the big “pull factors” for John McCain was that he wasn’t Barack Obama. At the time, the statement sounded more like a less dreadful alternative to being tortured to death, but now it sounds more like a glimmer of hope. Hope that was misplaced by many in a man. And don’t get me wrong, my hope is not in Rick Santorum. As I stated earlier, I am a Christian. My hope is in God, and no matter what people occupy the government offices of this land, my prayers are directed to God. I ask Him to guide them, and to guide the American people to make wise decisions.

Love Me, Love Me Not

I welcome comments and debate, as long as it is in good taste and does not include trite insults, even if they’re about President Obama. I’ve never known a president with whom I have had more political disagreement, but he’s still the president. He is still the Commander in Chief. He is still the leader of the free world, and even if I thought he was the worst person on planet earth, I still believe he deserves a degree of respect. So who are you rooting or voting for? Are you voting in any primaries? Are you waiting for November? Are you moving to Madagascar to escape from it all? Let me know!