Ordinarily I don’t like to go public with my political opinions. On Facebook I don’t even state a preference. I don’t openly talk about the president unless I’m commenting on his tie or something that is generally neutral. My main reason for this behavior is simple: most of the time, in my experience, it seems that people have some sort of automatic switch that goes off in their brains when discussing politics – the anger switch. Even when someone agrees with me, it seems like they get mad, then I get mad, then both of our blood pressure levels rise above safe limits. Mainly for this reason I choose to keep my political opinions to myself most of the time.

A Grand Occasion

However, this eve happens to be the eve of Super Tuesday, the day upon which 10 of the 50 united States have a primary to choose a candidate to run for the office of the President of the United States, affectionately and often dubbed, the POTUS. This year, as all whose heads are not buried in iPhone-blocking compounds know, President Barack Obama will face reelection hopes as one major hopeful opponent takes him on for the office he now occupies. There are currently four candidates that I consider major. Here they are, in case you haven’t heard, each with a link to their campaign website: Read the rest of this entry »

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