Today was the most humid day on record ever. Anywhere in the world, since the beginning of time. Okay, that may be hyperbole, but seriously, it was humid. It was so humid that it was almost foggy all day, and the weather forecast actually included tornadoes. Normally, even in Oklahoma, a forecast this time of year would go like this: “Moderate chance of severe weather, including thunderstorms capable of producing tornadoes.” TODAY, however, it was more like this: “There will be large and devastating tornadoes.” Not only were tornadoes predicted, the level of destruction was also included. You know the weather’s going to be bad when businesses and schools close in advance of the weather, rather than in response to it. That is just what happened today. Fortunately, although there have already been some tragic reports of deaths and injuries as a result of the storms (4 confirmed dead by local news as of this posting), the destruction could have been a lot worse if the tornadoes had touched down only 20 to 30 minutes later, plowing through the Oklahoma City Metro area. I took the liberty to snap a few screenshots while I watched the local news report… that is when I wasn’t propping up my queen sized mattress up against the bathtub!

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I didn’t upload some of the other photos that I took, but there was a lot of damage in very rural areas. Trees were stripped and fields were left with debris, but fortunately those areas don’t have a lot of people. At one point the storm that produced the tornado over El Reno looked like it was headed right for my house, and eventually downtown OKC, but it diverted to the north. Just another day in the life of Oklahoma. For the record, I was prepared to meet my Maker today. The tornado which tracked from El Reno to Piedmont/Edmond/Guthrie was headed for me at one point, and I was really getting ready to take cover, but not expecting my above-ground refuge to do much good. I’m glad that I know I have had my eternity settled. If you were to be face to face with your death — by tornado or otherwise — what would be going through your mind? It doesn’t happen often that you think you might die in the next half hour. If you have not ever “made peace” with God, you may want to take a few minutes to read this minibook called “done.” written by Cary Schmidt.