That’s right. It’s time for the old news section, affectionately referred to as… well, “News,” to make a comeback. I haven’t given this kind of an update since August 2010, and prior to the one other update that year was 2008. It’s not that I haven’t had any news to report, but other obligations and pursuits have clouded out my online life in one way or another. Well here’s some news for you: that’s all changing now. As I get back into web design and web development, that puts me right back in front of the ol’ screen once more, and when Ol’ Screen get stared at, Ol’ Screen expect news update. Or something like that.

The Right Name for the Right Blog

Let me clear something up. I have been blogging since before there was such a thing as blogging, and I never really liked the idea, mostly because I didn’t come up with it. However, it would seem that this sort of a thing has become an essential part of the world in which we live, and as we say now, privacy is dead. So why not tell everyone about your life?! Right? Well, perhaps not exactly. “News” was never a transparent glass through which passers by gazed into all facets of my personal life, but rather more like crafted snapshots of what I felt to be important at the time, ergo “News.”

As for now, there is no working name on the table, on the floor, in a cabinet, or otherwise on any type of surface. Sometimes you just have to let things develop a little while before you can endow them with something as advanced as a name. The last thing you want is a good name that has nothing to do with your work, or, at least, that would be the last thing that I want.

In the Spirit of Comebacks

When someone makes a comeback, they often have to go back before they can come back. They go back and re-evaluate what went wrong, reconsider their purpose and direction. As a result they can return to, and often exceed, the level of achievement they had before. In any case, beating my old level of achievement won’t be much of a challenge, but as time goes on, this section, and the site as a whole, should and will take on new direction and focused purpose. Cheers.