You can’t mow when it rains, that is unless you want to destroy the lawn. I am starting up a lawn business this summer, and yesterday and today have been the first rainy days in this year’s season. Yesterday was Easter Sunday, so I wasn’t exactly doing a lot of mowing then, but today is back to the workweek, and I am stuck in the office brainstorming while it storms outside. There are times in life when it is “raining,” so-to-speak, but you still have plenty of work that needs to be done.

So what do you do when it rains?

Plan Ahead – Be Prepared

First of all, the best action plan is to be prepared. It is going to rain. Maybe not today, maybe not this week, but be assured, it will rain. And you will need to be ready. With the way American, European, and even Asian economies have been the last couple of years, job layoffs are becoming all too common. Corporate downsizing is now a household term. You never know when you could be next, no matter how secure your position might be, so it therefore behooves you to be prepared. Have an emergency fund! Do you have cash in a savings account or money market to sustain you and your family for a few months if you suddenly found yourself on a full-time job search? Are you ready in case your car, or one of your cars breaks down and has to be in the shop for a few days?

There is a lot of truth to the saying that the best offense is a good defense. The emergency savings fund makes the difference between an emergency and an inconvenience. It is going to rain – are you prepared?


You are only limited by your limitations. What do I mean by that? You may not be able to “mow the grass when it’s raining,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t get any work done. Yes, there is an outside limitation upon you, but don’t get stuck inside the proverbial box! For my lawn business, indoor time means keeping my accounting books up to date, looking at maps to see neighborhoods I might want to distribute flyers to, and time to analyze how I do my business. It can also mean time to service equipment or look at new tools that could make my job easier and better. What I’m saying is that there are always options.

Have you lost a job? Some people wind up on unemployment for quite a long time. Congress has extended unemployment benefits longer than any time in history, and some people still have not found a new job. One thing to consider is that you do not have to do the same job. There might be a pay cut due to an experience differential, but it’s probably not a whole lot different than the unemployment compensation you typically receive (usually around 2/3 or 67% of your previous full-time wages). A good resumé for one job might be a bad one for another, so it would be a good idea to re-arrange yours so that it can fit different employers. Additionally, I always like pizza delivery, especially if you have a small car that gets good mileage. You can start this week, and generally work as many or as few hours as you’d like. It puts cash in your pocket immediately, and can be a nice evening or weekend job whenever you find full-time employment later.


I live in Oklahoma, right in the heart of Tornado Alley. Hailstorms and damaged property are pretty much a way of life from springtime through the summer months here. But we know they’ll be coming, and usually have advance notice. Our tornado sirens are tested every Saturday at 12:00 PM to ensure they are functional, and many houses have storm shelters. But every year, without fail, there will be a hail storm that leaves cars all over with dents. Often times this will be a total insurance loss, because it would cost more to repair the dents than it would to replace the vehicle. Wouldn’t it be an utter waste if a car was parked just in front of the garage, but could not be protected because there was too much junk in the garage to park the vehicle? Of course, that very scenario happens every year. Rain and thunderstorms will come in life, but will you be able to protect yourself? Are you prepared?

What do you do when it rains? Any tips on making the most of downtime? Leave your comments here!